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Patients ask Indianapolis dentist, “What is the history behind the procedure for dental implants?”

Dr. Church is happy to discuss this prospect with you.

The history of dental implants traces back to the Mayans in 600 A.D. They replaced missing teeth with seashell fragments or carved stones. Now fast forward to the 20th century. In 1952, an orthopedic surgeon studied how bone healed. After placing a titanium cylinder in this body tissue, he discovered that, over time he was unable to remove it. The metal fused with the bone. This discovery led to advances in dentistry. In the 1970s, dentists began performing this procedure to restore health and beauty to smiles. Dr. Matthew Church uses this restorative treatment to deliver an aesthetically pleasing smile. … Continue reading

Dentist in Indianapolis answers questions about tooth loss and dental implants

Dental implants are titanium rods surgically placed into the jawbone

If you are considering a restorative dental treatment for missing teeth, you may have the following questions: What causes tooth loss? What procedures are available to treat it? If I seek treatment, how do I maintain the restoration? Dr. Matthew Church of Washington Street Dentistry, in Indianapolis, answers your questions. Three causes of tooth loss Tooth trauma, congenital absence, and gum disease are common reasons patients seek treatment for missing teeth. A blow to the face or falling off a bicycle could be detrimental to your oral health. If a tooth experienced severe damage, extraction may be recommended. If you … Continue reading

What is a benefit of the dental implant procedure in Indianapolis?

Dr. Church and the Washington Street Dental team offer outstanding care to our patients, understanding the importance of options when it comes to smile restoration.

Individuals who have experienced tooth loss have a new and improved option for restoration with dental implants. Though this treatment option is still gaining recognition by patients around the world, dental implants have actually been used for over three decades. Dr. Church and the Washington Street Dental team offer outstanding care to our patients, understanding the importance of options when it comes to smile restoration. What is a dental implant? Through the dental implant procedure in our Indianapolis dental office, patients benefit from innovative technique. A dental implant is a restoration that is not seen, but is inserted into the … Continue reading

What to expect from the procedure for dental implants with your Indianapolis dentist

At Washington Street Dentistry, we want our patients to experience their best smiles.

Individuals who face the loss or removal of natural teeth have several options for replacement. Dr. Matthew Church provides the various restorative treatments commonly used to restore function and beauty to the smile, including bridges, dentures, and dental implants. Though conventional treatments have existed for decades, the popularity of dental implants continues to grow. This type of treatment is cost-effective, predictable, long lasting, and highly successful at restoring full function and efficiency in chewing. When teeth are replaced using implant treatment, the smile is returned to its most natural look and feel. Many people who are considering the procedure for … Continue reading

To restore your best smile, visit your dentist in Indianapolis after tooth loss

Best Dentist in Indianapolis: To address the problem of tooth loss with a highly trained, experienced dentist, call Washington Street Dentistry.

There is an unspoken expectation of tooth retention for life. After we lose our baby teeth and our permanent teeth grow in, they are supposed to be just that – permanent. Though we do not tend to expect any further tooth loss after that in childhood, the fact is that many American adults lose at least one tooth by the time they are fifty. Much different than the loss of a baby tooth, permanent tooth loss is nothing to celebrate. In adulthood, a lost tooth means that replacement needs to be arranged sooner rather than later. While there are benefits … Continue reading

Gain the advantage of tooth replacement with implant dentistry in Indianapolis, IN

Tooth Implant Indianapolis IN - Washington Street Dental is committed to the provision of excellent dental care. Contact our office today for your visit with Dr. Church.

Missing teeth have an enormous impact not only on the look of the smile, but also on your level of oral health. Anytime a tooth is lost, even a single one, replacement is essential. One of the best forms of tooth replacement today is a dental implant. At our Indianapolis, IN dental practice, we work with patients to determine their best solution for missing teeth. The goal of tooth replacement of any kind is to restore the look and function in a way that is as close to the natural structure as possible. Dental bridges and denture appliances have been, … Continue reading

Your dental implant dentist in Indianapolis can restore health and beauty to your smile

Dental Implant Dentist Indianapolis - Dr. Church provides care to the individual,

There are various reasons one may suffer the loss of a tooth at some point. The most common factor leading to tooth loss today is gum disease. Beyond that, a tooth may be lost to injury, disease, or even a failed root canal. For most of the history of dentistry, missing teeth were either not addressed at all, or were replaced with above-the-gum restorations that addressed only the lost tooth crown. Advances in dentistry have changed the way we view tooth replacement. Today, your dental implant dentist in Indianapolis can help you gain the most benefit of tooth replacement using … Continue reading

Indianapolis dentist explains the cost, expectations, and requirements of dental implants

Indianapolis dentist, Dr. Matthew Church explains the cost, expectations, and requirements of dental implants.

Indianapolis area patients who want to restore their smiles after tooth loss are welcome to book an appointment at Washington Street Dentistry with Dr. Matthew Church, to discuss the cost, expectations, and requirements for dental implants. Cost The cost of dental implants varies greatly, depending on a variety of factors. Patients need to have enough bone for the placement of implants, if this is not present, bone grafting may be required. Patients can also use dental implants in many ways. They can be used to hold a crown to act as a single tooth replacement, or they may anchor bridges … Continue reading

Indiana patients ask, ‘Who is a proper candidate for the placement of dental implants?’

Dental x-ray Dr. Matthew Church, Washington Street Dentistry

Tooth loss can greatly affect the health, function, and beauty of the smile. Tooth loss can occur for a variety of reasons. Patients should not feel embarrassed when they have experienced infection that has resulted in loose teeth or an injury that causes a tooth to be knocked out. Instead, patients should see their Indianapolis, Indiana area dentist to discuss the advantages of treatments such as dental implants. Implants explained Dr. Matthew Church of Washington Street Dentistry describes dental implants as titanium tooth root replacements. The implant is put into the bone of the jaw and then restored in the … Continue reading

Indianapolis, IN dentist explains the process of placing dental implants

dental implant types Washington Street Dentistry

When patients in the Indianapolis, Indiana area are ready to restore their smiles, many are introduced to the idea of dental implants. Dental implants are a popular choice in tooth replacement. These restorations are made of titanium and are placed into the bone of the jaw and restored with a crown, bridge, or denture. These versatile restorations are permanent and provide patients a no-fuss way of addressing tooth loss. Benefits of dental implants There are several advantages to dental implants. Affordability Permanency Biocompatibility Easy care and maintenance CALL OUR OFFICE FOR MORE INFORMATION New Patients: (317) 333-6788 Existing Patients: (317) … Continue reading


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