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Indianapolis dentist explains the cost, expectations, and requirements of dental implants

Indianapolis dentist, Dr. Matthew Church explains the cost, expectations, and requirements of dental implants.

Indianapolis area patients who want to restore their smiles after tooth loss are welcome to book an appointment at Washington Street Dentistry with Dr. Matthew Church, to discuss the cost, expectations, and requirements for dental implants.


The cost of dental implants varies greatly, depending on a variety of factors. Patients need to have enough bone for the placement of implants, if this is not present, bone grafting may be required. Patients can also use dental implants in many ways. They can be used to hold a crown to act as a single tooth replacement, or they may anchor bridges and dentures. Depending on the purpose of the implants, the expected cost will vary greatly. However, patients can consult with Dr. Matthew Church to discuss their specific needs for the smile and get a more accurate quote for their situation.


New Patients: (317) 333-6788

Existing Patients: (317) 890-4455


Dental implants are stabilized by the bone structure. They are known for lasting a lifetime when patients take proper care of their smiles. This includes visiting the dentist regularly for examinations and routine cleanings. Dental implants are affected if there are conditions such as periodontal disease impacting the bone of the jaw. Patients may need to replace certain parts of their restoration such as the dental crown, bridge, or denture used to complete the implant. All of this is discussed thoroughly before placement with the team of Washington Street Dentistry.

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