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Pediatric Dentistry

Children are treasured!

At Washington Street Dentistry, we provide excellent pediatric dentistry services to children of Indianapolis and surrounding areas such as Greenfield and New Palestine with such great care that our young patients cannot wait to be in the dental chair! We are committed to creating the kind of positive dental experiences that will encourage children to receive professional care happily, even making them an active part of their own treatment. The dentists at Washington Street Dentistry use Dr. Kilimitzoglou’s “Tell- Show- Do” technique as a guide, relieving children’s apprehension about dental care, making sure that each step of any procedure is simple and non-threatening. Our pediatric dentistry practices have kids sailing through treatment with smiles, finding a treat and a hug at the end.

Myths & Facts: Cavities

Patient Educational Video about Myths & Facts: Cavities
Patient Educational Video about Myths & Facts: Cavities

Fact or myth? If you have a cavity,

you will know it. Myth, Mild tooth decay has no symptoms. Sensitivity begins to occur when the tooth decay is already causing damage to the nerve. Today’s dentistry prevents tooth decay with sealants and other conservative methods.

Fact or myth? Sugar is the prime cause of cavities.

A fact and also a myth. Acid is the main trigger in producing the bacteria that causes cavities. The bacteria is then fueled by the consumption of carbohydrates. Sugar is a trigger in cavities, but carbs as a whole are the main cause.

Fact or myth? Cavities are the prime reason for root canals.

Myth. Root canals are a result of nerve damage. And untreated cavity could lead to nerve damage, but root canals are on set by number of different factors. Facts on myth? Brushing and flossing are the best way to prevent cavities. Fact.

Fact or myth? Expensive toothpastes are always better than cheaper ones.

Myth. Different toothpastes are better for different teeth in situations. Sometimes moderately priced toothpaste can be more effective. Ask the dentist about what might be best for your teeth. And always look for the ADA seal of approval.

Fact or myth? If a tooth is white, it must be healthy. Myth.

Under the surface there may be cavities, problems with the root or other abnormalities.

Fact or Myth? Teeth whitening is harmful because it damages enamel.

Myth. There are many modern teeth whitening processes that have minimal harmful effects. Teeth whitening isn’t for every mouth or person though. Consult the dentist before you proceed with whitening treatments.

Fact or myth? Dentists should be feared. Myth.

With today’s advancements in technology and safety practices there is nothing to worry about. Procedures are as quick and painless as ever.

Fact or myth? You should visit your dentists at least twice a year. FACT.

We treat children with fun, gentle techniques, and provide the education necessary for lifelong oral health. We teach kids the importance of taking care of their teeth at home on a daily basis. After all, more time goes by in between dental checkups than what is spent under our direct care. Our patients are empowered to take charge of their oral health every day.

If you live in the areas surrounding Indianapolis and want your child to experience the best in pediatric dental care, contact Washington Street Dentistry to meet our team.

Washington Street Dentistry
Dr. Matthew Church

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A graduate from the University of Kentucky, Dr. M Church has an extensive amount of skill and expertise in the field of professional dentistry. With over 20 years of experience, he is a firm believer in providing his patients with the best possible care for their dental concerns. Whilst being educated and experienced in a multitude of dental services, Dr. Church is particularly proficient in the areas involving Invisalign, for which he is a certified provider, cosmetic dental services, and dental implants.

Dr. Church invests both time and resources in educating and maintaining his standard of quality in terms of his service. He undertook and graduated from the Misch International Implant Institute Surgical Program and maintains active membership with the American College of Oral Implantology. He is a Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists.


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