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Rating: 5 Samuel L., Washington Street Dentistry I've been a member of this practice for 5 years, never hesitate to send all my family and friends to see Dr. Church and staff. If your in pain we focus on getting you out of pain 1st!!!!!!! Financing options are great for us who want to get all of our work completed in a timely fashion! Staff members are very educated and are able to answer all your questions in regards to your dental needs. If your scared, ease your mind oral sedation methods are available to reduce your fear. I absolutely love this office and recommend Dr. Matthew Church and Dr. Duane Hampton to help you with your dental needs!
Washington Street Dentistry is proud to offer a variety of services to create positive dental experiences for our patients. We understand that you may feel apprehensive about receiving dental care. Millions of people around the world harbor significant anxiety over dental treatment. Dental anxiety can stem from a number of factors, including a past traumatic experience, to embarrassment, to a strong gag reflex. No matter where your anxiety stems from, we have a solution that will allow you to get the dental treatment you need for a healthy, beautiful smile.

Over the past several years, the inclusion of sedation into dental practices, such as our practice in Indianapolis, has paved the way for more people to receive quality dental care. Dentists understand that when a patient feels calm and comfortable, he or she can better receive the care we gently provide. Whether you are having periodontal therapy, a filling or crown, or root canal therapy, dental sedation can make the process much easier by eliminating all anxiety.

Several sedation options can help patients obtain the care that will keep their teeth and gums healthy. Sedatives, available in various forms, create peace of mind by slowing the central nervous system temporarily. The effects may last only as long as treatment, such as with nitrous oxide, or for several hours, such as with oral sedatives. With either form of sedation, you are able to undergo treatment without fear, while maintaining the ability to communicate with our dental team. For more information about the forms of sedation we use at Washington Street Dentistry, contact our office.

Sedation dentistry is ideal in a number of scenarios; enabling people who have long avoided dental care to improve their oral health through professional care. Sedation may be used for everything from dental cleanings to tooth extraction, and enables busy patients to complete several treatment procedures within a single visit, maximizing time.

The professional team at Washington Street Dentistry has the training and techniques to ensure you experience comfortable, gentle dental care using dental sedation. Contact our Indianapolis practice to see how sedation dentistry can help you reach your smile goals.

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