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Rating: 5 Samuel L., Washington Street Dentistry I started going to Washington Street Dentistry when I moved to Irvington a few years ago. I relocated about an hour away and still make the trip down to see Dr. Church as this is the best dentist I've been to. The staff are great and Dr. Church has always done a wonderful job! My visits have always been painless and they always take the time to answer any questions I may have. I would highly recommend them!
Root canal therapy is a necessary, beneficial form of restorative care that many people view with great anxiety. This treatment has developed a bad reputation over the years, being the topic of horror stories. Most people assume that the procedure or its subsequent "recovery" is painful. The truth is that any pain associated with the root canal is the intense toothache that comes before treatment.

Root Canals

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Having a root canal is not much different from any other type of dental restoration. Just like when you get a filling, local anesthetic is used, and damaged tooth structure is removed. At Washington Street Dentistry, we go a step further and offer sedation for those patients who would prefer to sail through treatment and not remember a thing.

Root canal therapy is usually recommended in our Indianapolis dental practice when a tooth has become infected. Sometimes, we are able to catch infection early, before substantial pain has developed. Often, however, patients come to us once they have developed a persistent toothache that stems from infected pulp, which contains the nerve of a tooth.

Before beginning treatment, your dentist will numb the area with local anesthetic. The damaged areas of the tooth are then removed, and a tiny hole made into the root canal for the removal of infected pulp. Our practitioners incorporate advanced technology in the form of rotary endodontics to facilitate better precision and timeliness of treatment. Upon removal of infected tooth material and cleaning the root canal, this area is sealed, and an impression is made for the creation of a permanent dental crown. After root canal therapy, you will be sent home with a temporary crown, feeling no lasting discomfort from the procedure.

We serve the areas in and around Indianapolis with excellent preventative, restorative, and cosmetic dental care. If you are experiencing tooth pain, contact us right away for early intervention. By treating teeth early, it is easier to act conservatively and possibly avoid root canal therapy. When this treatment is necessary, we assure your comfort and satisfaction through a gentle, understanding approach.

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