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Understanding endodontic therapy to save a tooth in Indianapolis, IN

Dr. Matthew Church, dentist at Washington Street Dentistry, is committed to helping patients maintain the health of their smiles when problems arise. His practice offers solutions designed to keep the smile looking great, especially when an issue needs to be addressed. He helps patients in understanding the importance of certain procedures in Indianapolis, IN, including endodontic therapy.

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Understanding endodontic therapy

Endodontic therapy is the medical term for a procedure many patients have heard of: root canal. The root canal refers to the spaces in the teeth that reach down through the roots. The inner portion of the tooth is filled with a mass of tissues called the dental pulp. If a cavity or infection has reached the dental pulp, it can result in a severe toothache that can be extremely painful for the patient. The only way to address it is with endodontic therapy.

What happens during endodontic therapy?

Endodontic therapy is a specialized procedure that is performed by Dr. Matthew Church to access the inner canals of the tooth to remove the dental pulp, sterilize the area, and fill it with a material that can seal it off. By doing this, the natural tooth can be saved, instead of extracted and replaced. The tooth will no longer be alive because the dental pulp removal will remove the blood supply and the nerves to the tooth.

After endodontic therapy, some patients will have a dental crown placed over their tooth as an extra layer of protection. This is because root canal therapy can cause a tooth to become weak and brittle. This leaves it susceptible to damage from natural chewing and biting forces. With the placement of a custom dental crown, the tooth can be strengthened. Dr. Matthew Church will evaluate a patient and discuss the need for a dental crown after treatment.


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Who is a candidate for endodontic therapy?

Any patient who has an infection or disease of the dental pulp inside of the tooth may benefit from endodontic therapy. This can be determined with the use of x-rays to check the health of the tooth, while determining the cause of the pain. If a tooth has other damage, it may still be beneficial to the patient to have the tooth extracted and replaced. This is discussed during the evaluation, as well as the expected cost to treat.

What are the benefits of endodontic therapy?

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The primary benefit of endodontic therapy is the ability to treat the tooth without having to extract it. Extraction will require additional for replacement solutions such as:

These options cost money to place and maintain over their lifetime. Instead, endodontic therapy can allow the tooth to stay in place and avoid the extra costs associated with removal.

Is endodontic therapy safe and appropriate?

Dr. Matthew Church and his staff focus on providing patients with solutions that are most appropriate for their needs. In many cases, endodontic therapy can help in saving a tooth and maintaining the health of the smile, while addressing the issue that is causing pain. The treatment is safe and ensures patients have a beautiful smile for many years to come! Endodontic therapy has been performed on patients for many years with amazing results, and it is not common for the treatment to fail in treating the issue at hand when done correctly by an experienced and trained professional. Patients who have additional questions regarding this and other services are welcome to book an appointment with our team to address during a consultation.

Ready to discuss the possibility of endodontic therapy?

If you are experiencing a severe toothache and may be able to have treatment with endodontic therapy, we encourage you to visit Dr. Matthew Church and his team at Washington Street Dentistry to discuss your options. With endodontic treatment, you can seek improvement of the smile and address discomfort while still maintaining the natural tooth. Call our staff today at (317) 333-6788 for an appointment at our practice, which is conveniently located in Indianapolis, IN at 10935 East Washington Street.

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