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Dentist in Indianapolis, IN offers emergency dental care for patients requiring immediate assistance

At Washington Street Dentistry in Indianapolis, IN, patients have access to a wide variety of services to achieve a beautiful, healthy smile that functions at its best. However, there are times when emergencies may arise that can affect the smile. These emergency dental care situations require patients to see a dentist for immediate assistance. Dr. Matthew Church and his team are here to provide care for patients who are faced with emergency dental problems that require immediate care.

Dr. Matthew Church of Washington Street Dentistry for emergency care.

What is a dental emergency?

A dental emergency is best described as an oral health concern that arises and requires immediate care and attention. This may include some of the following issues:

  • Knocked out teeth
  • Cuts or injury to the soft tissues
  • A severe toothache
  • Broken or loose restorations
  • Damage to orthodontics
  • Damage to restorations (dentures, etc.)

When these issues arise, patients are urged to call and visit their emergency dentist as soon as possible for care.


New Patients: (317) 333-6788

Existing Patients: (317) 890-4455

Emergency dental care

Dr. Matthew Church and his team are here to provide care for patients who are faced with emergency dental problems that require immediate care.

Many patients who visit the dentist for emergency care may be worried about their smiles. They may think they have caused irreversible damage due to an injury or accident. However, our team can provide care and help in bringing the smile back to health. There are situations in which the damage cannot be repaired. For example, if a tooth is knocked out and cannot be reattached, then patients need to consider the benefits of tooth replacement solutions such as implant, bridges, or dentures. Our team may provide a temporary denture for patients while they consider their options and make a long-term decision in regard to how they want to replace their teeth. If they do not replace their teeth, they may experience the shifting of the existing teeth, which can cause other problems within the smile. Prompt treatment is highly recommended in this case. In other situations, our team can provide treatment and bring the smile back to health as soon as possible.

What treatments may be needed for emergency care?

The type of emergency that brings the patient into our office will determine the treatment necessary. If a tooth is knocked out, reattachment will be attempted before patients need to consider the placement of dentures, bridges, or dental implants. A severe toothache may require patients to have a large filing placed, a dental crown, or even a procedure such as root canal therapy to resolve. Restorations that are broken or lost may need to be re-bonded in place or completely replaced. This is why it is best to work with an emergency dentist. Dr. Matthew Church can assess a patient’s situation and then offer a recommendation as to how to achieve a repaired smile. There may sometimes be more than one way of addressing a dental concern, and our team will evaluate the smile, provide recommendations, and help educate patients on the options available to them so they can rest easy in knowing they have made the right choice. Additionally, when there are several solutions available, our front office team will assess one’s dental insurance and decide which one provides them the most coverage, as not all dental repairs are treated equally by insurance plans. This can help in making treatments affordable for our patients.

What should you do in a dental emergency?

At Washington Street Dentistry in Indianapolis, IN, patients have access to a wide variety of services to achieve a beautiful, healthy smile that functions at its best.

The first step when it comes to receiving immediate care for a dental emergency is to call a dentist who provides emergency care for patients in the area of Indianapolis, IN. Dr. Matthew Church and the professionals at Washington Street Dentistry are here to assist individuals with their oral health care needs, especially if they need assistance as soon as possible. If you are faced with a dental emergency, we encourage you to contact Dr. Matthew Church by calling the practice at (317) 333-6788 and visiting the office at 10935 East Washington Street. Our team can assist with mild to severe dental emergencies when the need arises, while also providing superb day-to-day care for one’s oral health and wellness. From general dentistry to emergency care, the team at Washington Street Dentistry can help you and your family in achieving beautiful, healthy smiles!

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Dr. Church invests both time and resources in educating and maintaining his standard of quality in terms of his service. He undertook and graduated from the Misch International Implant Institute Surgical Program and maintains active membership with the American College of Oral Implantology. He is a Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists.


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