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Emergency Dentistry

Local dentist provides tips for avoiding dental emergencies

Emergency Dental Care Service in Indianapolis Area

Nobody has ever started their day knowing they will face a dental emergency within the next 24 hours. A dental emergency refers to a situation where there is a significant risk of permanent tooth loss, significant gum bleeding, or you are experiencing intense tooth pain. Because these types of emergencies can never be predicted, it is important to have a plan in place that allows you to act quickly. A critical component of this plan is knowing where you can go or who you can call in these situations. In the Indianapolis, Indiana area, you can count on Dr. Matthew … Continue reading

Dentist in Indianapolis, IN offers emergency dental care for patients requiring immediate assistance

Dr. Matthew Church of Washington Street Dentistry for emergency care.

At Washington Street Dentistry in Indianapolis, IN, patients have access to a wide variety of services to achieve a beautiful, healthy smile that functions at its best. However, there are times when emergencies may arise that can affect the smile. These emergency dental care situations require patients to see a dentist for immediate assistance. Dr. Matthew Church and his team are here to provide care for patients who are faced with emergency dental problems that require immediate care. What is a dental emergency? A dental emergency is best described as an oral health concern that arises and requires immediate care … Continue reading

Emergency dental care tips from the dentist at Washington Street Dentistry in Indianapolis, IN

Dr. Matthew Church provides emergency dental care at Washington Street Dentistry for new and existing patients in the areas of Indianapolis, Greenfield, Cumberland, Anderson, New Palestine, and Lawrence, Indiana.

Many families enjoy getting dental care tips from their dentist in the area of Indianapolis, IN. Dr. Matthew Church is a family dentist from Washington Street Dentistry who has years of experience helping children and adults in achieving better oral health and wellness. In addition, he provides emergency dentistry to patients on short-term notice to help them in their time of need. What is emergency dentistry? Emergency dentistry is a field of dental care in which a dentist provides immediate services for patients in need of assistance for trauma, injury, or illness which affects their dental restorations, soft tissues, bone, … Continue reading

Experienced Indianapolis dentist helps patients know when emergency tooth care is necessary

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American poet, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote the line “into each life some rain must fall.” The poem’s line has stuck with us to today, evolving into a common saying. Unfortunately, a lot of time, that “rain” seems to come when we have no umbrella to protect us. For many of us out there, our rain is a dental emergency. Tooth, gum, and jaw pain can be some of the worst pain an individual endures. Washington Street Dentistry, located in Indianapolis, IN, is committed to our patients. We offer emergency tooth care. Our experienced dentist and staff have seen just about … Continue reading

Visit an affordable oral surgeon who offers emergency dental care in Indianapolis

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Indianapolis, area patients seeking an affordable oral surgeon for emergency dental care solutions are welcome to visit Dr. Matthew Church of Washington Street Dentistry. His practice is equipped with the latest solutions for patients faced with extraction of teeth. Not all dental practices in the area offer emergency dental care. When a tooth has been knocked out or has been extremely problematic due to breakage or a large cavity, it may require the help of an oral surgeon. Dr. Matthew Church provides repair and restoration of the smile, even if it means the extraction of a natural tooth. Extractions are … Continue reading

Visit an emergency dentist in Indianapolis, IN

Emergency dentist in indianapolis

A dental emergency can occur when we least expect them. Patients in Indianapolis, IN who are seeking a dentist with experience in emergency care are welcome to contact Dr. Matthew Church and the staff of Washington Street Dentistry. What is a dental emergency? Issues such as sensitivity, or a small chip, that can wait until a regular appointment can be scheduled are not dental emergencies. Examples of emergency dental situations include: Teeth that are knocked Broken or loosened teeth Cuts or significant injury to the soft tissues of the mouth Extremely severe toothaches Pain that keeps patients awake at night … Continue reading

Indianapolis area residents can seek dental treatment in an emergency at Washington Street Dentistry

Emergency dental treatment indianapolis

Whether you’ve been struck by a ball at the game or fell and chipped a tooth, it is important that you consider visiting a dental practice in the Indianapolis area that offers emergency dental treatment. At Washington Street Dentistry, we are here for you no matter when your dental problems arise. Types of Dental Emergencies There are several different types of dental situations which may need emergency treatment. Below is a small sample of common concerns that require immediate care and attention by Dr. Matthew Church of Indianapolis, Indiana: Abscesses – Abscesses are often characterized by pain and discomfort due … Continue reading

Should Indianapolis residents go to the ER for a dental emergency?

Indianapolis dental emergency

If you or a family member in the Indianapolis area experience a dental emergency, your first reaction may be to go the nearest hospital Emergency Department. That is an appropriate course of action in some cases, and in other situations a call to your dentist might be beneficial. Dr. Matthew Church of Washington Street Dentistry offers this guidance. When to make a trip to the Emergency Room Please don’t delay. Get to the ER quickly if: You have uncontrolled bleeding. You believe your jaw may be fractured or dislocated. There is significant injury to soft tissues. There was sudden, forceful … Continue reading

The importance of reliable emergency dental care for Indianapolis families

Emergency dental indianapolis

According to UpToDate,®a clinical support resource, half of all children suffer some type of tooth injury, and many others have additional types of oral trauma. Dental emergencies are more frequent with children than adults, in part because they are quite active and they may lack sophisticated manual dexterity. Oral injuries typically occur from falls, sports mishaps, and fights. While harm to the mouth or teeth is rarely life-threatening, the experience can be traumatic for both child and parents. Dr. Matthew Church provides compassionate emergency dental care for Indianapolis patients of all ages at Washington Street Dentistry. Immediate emotional distress Anytime … Continue reading

Indianapolis dentist provides emergency dental care

mergency dental care indianapolis

No one wants to think about possible emergencies that may happen in life. Knowing what to do in the event of an emergency, however, can improve outcomes and help a patient to remain comfortable. Particularly when dealing with an emergency dental situation with a child, the most important thing that a parent can do is to remain calm and composed to reduce the amount of fear that the child experiences. At Washington Street Dentistry, Dr. Matthew Church and our dedicated team understand that accidents happen when we least expect them. We offer emergency dental care to our patients and to … Continue reading


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