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Thousands of adults and teens have found their ideal form of orthodontic treatment in Invisalign. The aligner method of straightening teeth is far more appealing than traditional orthodontics, and the results that can be achieved are astounding. When possible, Dr. Church will use Invisalign to help patients improve the look of their smiles without metal brackets and wires.

Invisalign is precise treatment that takes place inside of custom designed plastic trays. The system is comfortable, discreet, and healthy, as no tooth structure is covered at all times. Throughout the course of treatment, patients find no difficulty in eating favorite foods, nor are there any obstacles to oral hygiene. Aligners are simply removed for meals, and for brushing and flossing. The importance of excellent dental care, however, during Invisalign treatment in Indianapolis, is something that we stress to our patients.

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During treatment with Invisalign, teeth are moved into alignment with gentle pressure applied through the aligner tray. These trays fit over the entire arch, covering teeth for the majority of the day. The fact that teeth are kept inside of the aligner does not mean that they are protected against harmful bacteria. To keep teeth and gums in their healthiest condition, certain habits need to be instituted.

The American Dental Association tells us that we should brush teeth two times a day, at least. We should also floss once a day, at least. Even without Invisalign treatment, deviating from these guidelines puts one at a higher risk for both cavities and gum disease. When teeth are covered by aligners for twenty-plus hours a day, hygiene becomes even more important.

The more teeth are brushed, the more bacteria are washed out of the mouth. In the ideal scenario, teeth would be brushed following all meals, as food debris mixes with bacteria, forming plaque. When brushing cannot be performed after meals, the act of rinsing the mouth with water eliminates at least some of the bacteria. When rinsing, a flossing effect can be achieved by pushing water through the teeth with gentle swishing motion.

The teeth and gums are not the only place bacteria can collect during Invisalign treatment. There is also the matter of aligner trays. Bacteria can stick to aligners, leading to odor and a cloudy appearance. Although each aligner is only worn for two weeks, cleaning these appliances daily by gently brushing and rinsing under cool water further promotes oral health.

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