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Who is a candidate for Invisalign treatment in Indianapolis, IN?

Invisalign Treatment in Indianapolis

At Washington Street Dentistry, patients in the Indianapolis, IN area who are dealing with imperfectly aligned teeth may want to consider the advantages of treatment with orthodontics. Unfortunately, when patients think about orthodontics, they often decide not to move forward with treatment because they don’t want to cover their smile with metal brackets and wires. Thankfully, many of our patients are candidates for an alternative treatment known as Invisalign. Instead of metal covering the smile for months or years at a time, patients will achieve results with clear aligner trays that are practically invisible to others! How does Invisalign work? … Continue reading

Indianapolis, IN area dentist offers Invisalign treatment for all ages

Invisalign Treatment for All Ages from dentist in indianapolis IN

Patients in the area of Indianapolis, IN who are interested in Invisalign treatment are often curious to learn how the smile can be transformed without the use of traditional braces. Metal brackets and wires are what keep many patients from moving forward with treatment to improve their smile. Thankfully, patients of all ages can enjoy treatment for malocclusion that does not require metal apparatuses and can be achieved with clear plastic trays. Invisalign explained Many patients are a little mystified by how Invisalign works. Invisalign is a revolutionary way of realigning the teeth within the smile. Invisalign works with clear, … Continue reading

Indianapolis, IN area patients ask about the cost of invisible braces such as Invisalign

Invisible braces from dentist in Indianapolis, IN

Patients who are seeking a cost-effective way to straighten the teeth in the area of Indianapolis, IN and beyond are welcome to contact the team of Washington Street Dentistry. Dr. Matthew Church and his staff work closely with patients of all ages to determine candidacy for orthodontic alternatives such as Invisalign invisible braces. What are invisible braces? Invisalign braces is the term that has been applied to treatments such as Invisalign. Invisalign is an aligner therapy option that straightens teeth as well as more traditional options—but with a more discreet appearance. Invisalign uses clear aligner trays made of medical-grade plastic … Continue reading

Braces for adults are available with Indianapolis, IN area dentist

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Adults who are interested in straightening the smile with braces are often led to believe that their only option is traditional metal bracket and wire orthodontics. However, Dr. Matthew Church of Indianapolis, IN is proud to offer an alternative to patients who are considering enhancing their smile but cringe at the idea of conventional braces. Using Invisalign, patients in and around the community can achieve a more beautiful smile without having to feel embarrassed throughout treatment. Invisalign explained Dr. Matthew Church explains Invisalign treatment as “invisible aligner trays.” These trays are formulated using digitized impressions of the patient’s current smile … Continue reading

Invisalign aligner therapy may be perfect for Indianapolis patients seeking better alignment of the smile

Invisalign aligner therapy from dentist in Indianapolis

Indianapolis patients with imperfect smiles should consider the benefits of using orthodontic alternatives to straighten the teeth. Instead of metal brackets and wires, patients can visit the team of Washington Street Dentistry to discuss the advantages of Invisalign. How does Invisalign work? Invisalign works by using a series of custom aligner trays. Patients wear the trays in order, each one for two weeks, day and night. As patients progress through the trays, their teeth become straighter and improve gradually. The amount of time needed for Invisalign is typically a year or less depending on the severity of misalignment. Who is a … Continue reading

Discreet orthodontic braces are available in Indianapolis

Discreet orthodontic braces from dentist in Indianapolis

Invisalign is a type of discreet orthodontic braces that differs from traditional bracket and metal wire braces. Treatment is accomplished with a system of clear aligner trays that reposition teeth gradually. Patients in Indianapolis can achieve better alignment of their teeth without having to wear traditional braces. Consultation Invisalign treatment begins with a consultation. In most cases, patients with mild to moderate misalignment will benefit from using the Invisalign system. Patients with more severe alignment or bite issues may need traditional braces. We have found that a large portion of our patients are able to utilize the Invisalign system for straighter smiles. Design After the … Continue reading

Receive treatment for malocclusion in Indianapolis with Invisalign-certified dentist

Braces from Invisalign-certified dentist

Not everyone is born with a beautifully aligned dental arch. Some patients deal with bite misalignment while other are struggling with teeth that are turned or crooked. These issues can have a negative impact on the smile, and cause many patients to turn to an orthodontist for help. However, traditional braces are often avoided by patients because of their appearance. Thanks to advances in orthodontic care, patients can now enjoy treatment in a more discreet way with Invisalign. Dr. Matthew Church explains Invisalign Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment that eliminates the need for brackets and wires. This method of treatment … Continue reading

Indianapolis area patients ask, ‘Are Invisalign braces clear?’

clear braces from dentist in Indianapolis

Indianapolis area patients who are interested in having braces are turned off at the idea of covering their smile with unsightly metal brackets and wires. Traditional braces are also typically provided by an orthodontist, meaning patients have to see a dental professional they do not know for services. Dr. Matthew Church of Washington Street Dentistry in Indianapolis offers Invisalign, the clear braces alternative. Are Invisalign braces clear? Yes! The primary advantage of Invisalign is that the treatment is discreet. Instead of metal brackets and wires covering the smile, patients achieve results with the use of clear aligner trays. A series … Continue reading

Invisalign-certified dentist in Indianapolis helps patients to achieve beautiful smiles

Best Invisalign braces from dentist in Indianapolis

For more than 16 years, Invisalign has been offering patients an alternative to conventional braces. Once, wire and bracket braces were the only way to straighten crooked teeth and re-align an imperfect bite. Braces are effective, but carry the stigma of a long-term commitment, potential discomfort, challenging oral hygiene, and most of all, a visible, unattractive grid of metal. Invisalign technology was envisioned by an orthodontic patient, Zia Chishti. Reviewing his post-braces retainer, he conceptualized treatment that could use a similar appliance throughout the entire straightening process, eliminating the need for the bands, brackets, and wires. Chishti partnered with a … Continue reading

When the best choice is Invisalign: Indianapolis dentist explains

Best Invisalign from dentist in Indianapolis

Who wouldn’t want a straight and beautiful smile? Practicing appropriate oral hygiene and maintaining a close relationship with a professional dental team are two of the best ways to achieve lifelong oral health. Not everyone, however, naturally acquires a perfect smile. Crooked, twisted, gapping, or overlapping teeth can make a person feel less than confident about his or her appearance. Misalignment and other imperfections in the smile may be caused by several factors, such as: The mouth is too small to hold all of the adult teeth. Therefore, the teeth are crowded, and shift into one another. The upper and … Continue reading


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