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Indianapolis area patients ask, is a dental implant for tooth replacement permanent?

Many patients who are faced with tooth replacement may be overwhelmed at the options available to them. They may not know how to make a decision in regards to which solution is most appropriate for their needs. Patients in the area of Indianapolis, IN who visit Washington Street Dentistry are urged to take the time to learn about the dental implant as a way to replace one or more teeth within the smile.

Dr. Matthew Church and his staff to discuss the advantages of replacing missing teeth with dental implants.

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is best described as a tooth root replacement. Dr. Matthew Church and the team of Washington Street Dentistry use these restorations to achieve a more beautiful smile that functions as it did before tooth loss. Dental implants are made of titanium metal and look like a very small hardware screw. These implants are placed into the bone of the jaw and then restored in a variety of ways to repair the smile’s function and beauty. Dental implants are the gold standard in tooth replacement, and are a great investment for a beautiful smile for life!


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Is a tooth implant a permanent replacement option?

Yes! In fact, many patients have their dental implants for the rest of their lives. Dental implants are made of materials that will not rust or erode. They can last many decades with proper care. This is because once they are placed, they stimulate the natural progression of osseointegration, which is bone growth around the implant that holds it in place. Once this occurs, the implant is solid and has the best foundation possible to function at its best. Our patients love that they can rest easy with their replacement knowing it will not require extra special attention.

Who is considered an appropriate candidate for the placement of a dental implant?

Dr. Matthew Church and the team of Washington Street Dentistry use these restorations to achieve a more beautiful smile that functions as it did before tooth loss.

The best candidates for the placement of dental implants are patients in the Indianapolis, Indiana area are patients with a healthy smile and enough bone for successful implantation. A healthy smile is required to ensure that the bone of the jaw will not shrink any more than it may have already with the loss of the tooth. Bone is needed as a foundation for the implant to stimulate osseointegration and ensure the implant stays in place. Without bone, patients may want to consider alternatives, or discuss the possibility of undergoing bone grafting to build up the bone and prepare it for the placement of the implant itself.

What other alternatives can patients consider for tooth replacement?

If patients are not considered candidates for dental implants, or want to consider less permanent options, we have two other solutions for patients to consider, including dental bridges and dentures. Dental bridges are ceramic restorations that are made for patients to include dental crowns on each side to anchor them down, fused to false teeth called pontics. This creates a single restoration that is placed into the smile. Another alternative is the denture. Patients missing a single tooth will benefit from the placement of a partial denture. Partial dentures are made with a metal and acrylic framework that snaps into place using the existing teeth as support. The false tooth slides into place and patients can restore their smile quickly and easily with this method. Dentures are the most economical way to replace missing teeth, but they need to be cared for regularly, removed for cleaning, and adjusted as changes occur to the mouth. Many patients prefer a restoration that does not require any extra attention which is when our team of professionals may encourage patients to think about the advantages of using dental implants instead.

Interested in learning more about the benefits of dental implants?

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Contact the team of Washington Street Dentistry today to book an appointment with Dr. Matthew Church and his staff to discuss the advantages of replacing missing teeth with dental implants. Indianapolis, IN area patients, including patients from the areas of Cumberland, Greenfield, Anderson, Lawrence, and New Palestine can seek treatment with our experienced professionals by calling (317) 333-6788. Our practice is conveniently located at 10935 East Washington Street and provides dentistry for the entire family! Call today to make your appointment and get started enjoying comprehensive dental care from a quality dental staff!

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