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What is the purpose of performing wisdom tooth extraction for patients in Indianapolis, IN?

Patients in the area of Indianapolis, IN who have been told they have a problematic wisdom tooth may be advised to undergo surgical or simple extraction. The purpose of extraction is to remove the tooth to eliminate the issue at hand. Due to the nature of wisdom teeth, extraction is often the best solution.

The purpose of wisdom tooth extraction in Indianapolis, IN

What is a wisdom tooth?

A wisdom tooth, or “third molar,” is a late-erupting tooth. There are commonly four, one in each back corner of the jaw. These often develop around the late teen years or early adulthood. Because of their position in the mouth, and their late eruption, they tend to become impacted. This means that they are stuck underneath the gum line and are turned, pushing into the surrounding teeth. This can cause severe pain and discomfort. Additionally, even when they do erupt through the gum line, they can be difficult to reach when brushing and flossing, making the smile much more susceptible to cavities and periodontal disease. Because wisdom teeth are not necessary, many dentists suggest extraction, since they do not serve a specific purpose in the smile.

Removal solutions

There are two types of extractionThere are two types of extraction:

  • Simple extraction
  • Surgical extraction

Simple extraction is the removal of a tooth that has already erupted through the gum line. The dentist can see this tooth. Using special instruments, the tooth can be wedged out of the jaw in minutes. However, for impacted teeth that have not come through the gum line, treatment may require surgical extraction. The dentist must cut into the gum tissue to access the tooth. This is a more invasive procedure, but it is a routine treatment that has been done many times. Surgical extraction often requires sutures and recovery time, unlike simple extractions.

Who is a candidate for wisdom tooth extraction?

Most patients with problematic wisdom teeth benefit from extraction. There is no other way to address the issues that often develop from having wisdom teeth. This is an excellent way to bring the smile back to health after a problem arises.


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Why do the teeth often become impacted?

It is simple to see how many patients experience overcrowding in their mouth. There are a lot of teeth in the mouth, and when the wisdom teeth are the last to erupt, it makes sense that they may have some difficulty coming through the gum line. Impaction is common with wisdom teeth, and it can be easily fixed by removing the teeth. Some patients who have had orthodontic treatment may be advised to have their wisdom teeth removed before they become a problem. This can keep the teeth from coming through the gum line and then causing misalignment after orthodontic work has been completed.

What is the purpose of wisdom tooth extraction?

The idea behind removing the tooth is that the problem is eliminated. There is no future issue that can develop once the tooth has been taken out of the smile. Many patients prefer to have the teeth removed so that their smile can maintain its current appearance, functionality, and health.

Will tooth extraction hurt?

Will tooth extraction hurtThanks to proper sedation and anesthetics, patients are extremely comfortable during both simple and surgical extractions. We want to make sure the entire process is pain-free, and even patients who have dental anxieties find that our process is smooth, simple, and a relatively positive experience for everyone involved!

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