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Enjoy dental services for kids in Indianapolis, IN clinic

At Washington Street Dentistry in Indianapolis, IN, we offer patients of all ages quality dental care. This includes kids! We provide services for pediatric patients in our clinic and work hard to ensure young and old are receiving the quality care they deserve. We welcome patients in and around the community to visit our practice to learn about everything we have to offer!

Washington Street Dentistry is proud to offer treatment options for all ages at our practice, located at 10935 East Washington Street.

Kids’ services

Our kids’ services are right in line with our adult services. In addition to offering standard general dentistry solutions such as cleanings, x-rays, physical examinations, fillings, and restorations, we also provide options including the application of sealants and fluoride. We also use a gentle hand with children and walk them through the process, so they feel more comfortable receiving care from our staff. We know that visiting strangers and having a dentist work in the mouth can be very frightening for children, so we do our best to ensure that they have a positive experience with our team. We even take the time to explain the instruments we are using and discussing the treatments we are providing so that kids feel at ease while we care for their smile!


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When should a child first visit the dentist?

Many parents of young children are unsure as to when they should bring their child to the dentist for their first appointment. In most situations, parents should have their children seen at the point in which the child develops their first tooth. If this doesn’t happen by 12 months, parents should still schedule their first visit. After this, visits should be every six months for an evaluation. When children are seen early, it not only helps them in building a positive relationship with our dental team here at Washington Street Dentistry, but it also ensures that they have a professional watching their smile as it develops. Parents can take this time during the visit to ask any questions they may have about how to care for their baby’s smile or when flossing should begin.

What questions should parents ask?

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During these appointments, parents can take the time to ask their dentist questions. This may include:

  • When will additional teeth erupt?
  • How can I help my child through the teething process?
  • What should I avoid giving my child for a healthier smile?
  • When should I be concerned about their smile development?
  • What foods should I feed my child for stronger, healthier teeth?
  • What foods or beverages will negatively affect my child’s teeth?
  • How can I help my child learn to brush and floss?
  • How can I ensure my infant grows up with healthy teeth?

These are all valid questions for patients to ask during their child’s dental appointment. To us, there are no “stupid questions.” Parents asking questions are genuinely interested in their child’s dental development and want to know how to take care of their smile effectively to ensure a proper foundation of healthy smiles for life! An educated parent is a smart parent, and we want our young patients to have all the information and care they need to build a proper foundation for better dental health through childhood and beyond!

Why choose a kids’ dentist that offers care for adults?

When patients think of a kids’ dentist, they often think of a dental professional who only works on children. However, at Washington Street Dentistry, we are pleased to have dentists who provide services for both. This can be extremely beneficial for large and busy families. We can schedule the entire household, children and parents, for back-to-back appointments on a day that is most convenient for them. This is often best for families, as we understand how important your time is. It also greatly reduces the number of trips to the dentist and time taken off work and school.

Ready to visit a dentist who assists both children and adults?

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Contact us in Indianapolis, IN today for dental services for kids. Washington Street Dentistry is proud to offer treatment options for all ages at our practice, located at 10935 East Washington Street. Our team provides quality care, and patients can book their appointment by calling (317) 333-6788.

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