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Indianapolis area dentist describes how dental crowns may help after root canal treatment

dentist describes how dental crowns may help after root canal treatment

Restorative dentistry is just one aspect of Washington Street Dentistry in Indianapolis. Dr. Matthew Church and his team work closely with patients in the community to help them in repairing their smiles after situations have negatively impacted their appearance. For example, patients who have experienced a large area of decay and infection of the dental pulp may require restorative services such as root canal treatment.

Root canal treatment, also known as endodontic therapy, is a procedure that is often performed when patients have had an infection of the dental pulp. This sometimes occurs due to the development of cavities that have been left untreated and have eaten their way through the enamel into the deeper portions of the tooth. The dental pulp is a mass of tissues that houses the nerves, and when infected, can result in extreme pain. This is when root canal therapy is needed to remove the dental pulp and eliminate the discomfort patients are experiencing. The procedure is done right in the dental office.


New Patients: (317) 333-6788

Existing Patients: (317) 890-4455

When the dental pulp has been removed, the blood supply and nerves have been removed too, therefore, the tooth’s remaining structure may become weak and brittle. To address this, patients may need to have a dental crown placed. How can dental crowns help after root canal therapy? Dental crowns add an extra layer of protection to the tooth structure, which can keep it from breaking and causing permanent damage to the tooth that can only be addressed with extraction. Root canal therapy is done to reduce the need for extraction and tooth replacement, so avoiding this is key.

Indianapolis area patients interested in learning how dental crowns may help after root canal treatment are welcome to contact the team at Washington Street Dentistry at (317) 333-6788. Our staff is ready to assist in educating patients on the proper treatments for their smiles, which may include endodontic therapy if pain and discomfort is a serious issue. Call us today to make an appointment and meet the team willing to work with new and existing patients in the community.


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