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Indianapolis patients ask, “What are the benefits of dental implants?”

Tooth loss affects your smile, confidence, happiness, and quality of life. It can also affect the health of your remaining teeth and jawbone. The root of a tooth serves a significant function in keeping the bone of the jaw stimulated, which prompts regeneration and supports the surrounding teeth. When the root of a tooth is missing, the bone begins to erode, nearby teeth can shift into the space that is created, and additional tooth loss can occur.

Dr. Church conducts a comprehensive consultation.

Numerous options exist for patients who are experiencing tooth loss, including full or partial dentures or dental bridges. At Washington Street Dentistry in Indianapolis, Matthew Church, DDS, and our team are committed to providing our patients with a complete selection of dental care treatments. We believe in offering options for patients and family members of all ages, without referring out to multiple specialists.


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The most recommended and only permanent treatment for tooth loss is a dental implant procedure. Dental implants have the look and feel of natural teeth. Some of the benefits of dental implant treatment include:

  • Maximum stability – a sturdy, titanium post is surgically placed into the jawbone, replacing the missing root of the tooth. As the bone heals, it fuses naturally to the post, keeping surrounding teeth in place and providing a strong foundation for the new tooth
  • Longevity – dental implants, with proper maintenance and periodic adjustment, can last a lifetime
  • Aesthetics – after the titanium implant is securely anchored into place, a natural-looking dental crown is attached. The post and crown function just as the original, healthy tooth would
  • Facial balance – dental implants maintain the healthy, normal fullness of the face and mouth and prevent the face from sinking in
  • Bone health – as a patient eats or bites, the impact creates stimulation for the jaw bone, which promotes rejuvenation and strength and prevents bone loss
  • Restore confidence – patients can eat, speak, and smile without worry about slipping or lisping
  • Oral hygiene – patients can continue to brush and floss normally
  • Reliability – the dental implant procedure has a success rate of approximately 98 percent as well as a high patient satisfaction rate

To determine if a patient is an ideal candidate for dental implants, Dr. Church conducts a comprehensive consultation. Patients should be relatively healthy and have enough bone density to support the implant. A graduate of the Misch International Implant Institute Surgical Program and a Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, Dr. Church is uniquely experienced and qualified to deliver optimal clinical outcomes.

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A graduate from the University of Kentucky, Dr. M Church has an extensive amount of skill and expertise in the field of professional dentistry. With over 20 years of experience, he is a firm believer in providing his patients with the best possible care for their dental concerns. Whilst being educated and experienced in a multitude of dental services, Dr. Church is particularly proficient in the areas involving Invisalign, for which he is a certified provider, cosmetic dental services, and dental implants.

Dr. Church invests both time and resources in educating and maintaining his standard of quality in terms of his service. He undertook and graduated from the Misch International Implant Institute Surgical Program and maintains active membership with the American College of Oral Implantology. He is a Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists.


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