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Indianapolis, IN dentist offers treatment for wisdom teeth removal via surgical or simple extraction

Indianapolis, IN area patients seeking a dentist who provides simple and surgical extractions of wisdom teeth are encouraged to book an appointment with the team at Washington Street Dentistry. Dr. Matthew Church provides removal of teeth in many situations, and he can offer the services patients require to maintain their healthy smile. Wisdom teeth, or the “third molars,” tend to become problematic for many patients when they erupt. Otherwise, they become stuck or “impacted” and can become painful. Dr. Matthew Church takes the time to talk to patients about wisdom teeth and the ways in which they can be managed.

Dr. Mathew Church of Washington Street Dentistry offers two methods of extraction

What is a wisdom tooth?

Most adults can comfortably fit 28 teeth in their mouth. However, because of wisdom teeth, many patients end up with 32 teeth overall. This is because of the third molars, which are the last to erupt within the smile between the ages of 17 and 25. Because of their late appearance, combined with changes to the human jaw over the years that has resulted in smaller mouths, wisdom teeth tend to become impacted by the surrounding teeth. Additionally, if they do erupt, they can become a risk for infection or disease. Due to this, many patients are advised to have their third molars removed before they become a problem. This is often done before the teeth even erupt, sometime after the age of 15.


New Patients: (317) 333-6788

Existing Patients: (317) 890-4455

Why do we have wisdom teeth if they are problematic and not needed?

It is believed that the third molars were beneficial in the past to help in the consumption of our early ancestor’s diets which often included meats, roots, leaves, and nuts. These coarse foods required more chewing, which was achieved with extra molars. However, over time, these third molars are no longer necessary within the smile because we eat softer foods in our modern diet. These changes, including the introduction of eating utensils, have made wisdom teeth unnecessary. Now, many patients have their wisdom teeth removed even before they become problematic to preserve the alignment of the smile and to avoid issues later. Approximately 85 percent of adults have had their wisdom teeth removed either surgically or with simple extractions.

Methods of extraction

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Dr. Mathew Church of Washington Street Dentistry offers two methods of extraction:

  • Simple extraction – a simple extraction is done when the tooth has already erupted. This means that the crown of the tooth is fully visible. During a simple extraction, patients are locally anesthetized and made comfortable while the dentist uses a special instrument that wedges the tooth out of the bone. This is the fastest and least invasive way of removing a wisdom tooth.
  • Surgical extraction – if the wisdom tooth has not yet erupted from the gums, or is impacted, then the patient may require surgical extraction. This is done with local anesthetics as well as proper sedation, as the dentist cuts into the gums to access the tooth for removal. Surgical extractions are more invasive, but are necessary, especially when the teeth are impacted or “stuck” because of the surrounding teeth. Surgical extraction does require some recovery time that should be taken into consideration when patients book their appointments.

To determine the type of extraction necessary for your wisdom teeth, you should book a consultation and examination with Dr. Matthew Church and his team, which may include x-rays to determine the positions of the third molars.

Considering wisdom tooth removal?

Contact the team at Washington Street Dentistry to book an appointment with Dr. Matthew Church and evaluate the smile to determine if you can benefit from removing the third molars. Our practice provides both simple and surgical extractions for our patients to consider and encourages individuals to take the time to discuss their options with our team of professionals. Call (317) 333-6788 and visit the practice at 10935 East Washington Street in Indianapolis, IN. Whether you are seeking general, cosmetic, or restorative care, we have you covered!

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