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Rating: 5 Samuel L., Washington Street Dentistry I have been a patient here for years. I have had many people try to persuade me to go somewhere else. When you feel like you are part of the family here and they all treat you so nice...well you better believe I AM NOT GOING ANYWHERE!!! I take a lot of pride in my teeth and my smile and I have to say so does the dr here :) Pretty bad when you enjoy the dentist!!

Teeth Whitening

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Our teeth go through a lot. Day in and day out, we consume foods and beverages that contain tiny particles of coloring, which seep into enamel and settle below the surface. Over time, these colored molecules build up to a point where we look in the mirror and notice our teeth do not look as white as they once did. Maintaining a beautiful, bright smile is not always easy, but we have solutions that will work for you.

Teeth whitening was one of the first cosmetic dental treatments to really take off, revolutionizing the field of dentistry forever. Our patients from Indianapolis and surrounding areas like New Palestine visit our dental practice to receive effective, convenient teeth whitening treatment that suit their needs. One way in which we provide this service is in the creation of a customized whitening tray to be used at home. Home whitening with professional grade products is more effective than using over the counter products and it is safer. Within a few weeks of wearing whitening trays in the comfort of your home, your smile will be transformed, up to eight shades lighter than when you begin teeth whitening treatment with your Indianapolis dentist.

Washington Street Dentistry is a practice committed to meeting the needs of our patients. We can help create the perfect teeth-whitening solution best suited to your specific needs and lifestyles.

You may not like what you see when you view your smile in the mirror, but we can help. Washington Street Dentistry has the teeth whitening solutions that will enable you to return to your former glory, or even go beyond your natural shade of white for a dazzling, attention-grabbing smile.

Contact our dental office in Indianapolis for your teeth whitening treatment.

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Dr. Matthew Church, Washington Street Dentistry Teeth Whitening Video Let Washington Street Dentistry give you a sparkling smile with Teeth Whitening!

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