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Oral surgeons from Indianapolis, IN and beyond view implants as the ideal tooth replacement

Oral surgeons from Indianapolis, IN and beyond view implants as the ideal tooth replacement

Various types of oral surgery may be performed in the dental office. Most often, people’s needs are for tooth extraction or tooth replacement. At Washington Street Dental, we offer tooth replacement in several forms so that our patients have the choices they need to restore function. An ideal form of tooth replacement is dental implants. This type of treatment has been a part of dentistry for more than forty years now, which has allowed research to determine the ultimate success of this tooth replacement procedure.

Oral surgeons around the world have viewed dental implants as the premier option for the replacement of missing teeth for many years. Patients who visit our Indianapolis, IN dental practice for tooth replacement are advised of the benefits of implants, as well as those that come with other options such as dentures. The primary difference that is noted with implants is the fact that more is replaced than just the visible portion of the tooth.

Why the roots are important

Our teeth are not typically something we spend much time analyzing. It’s easy to consider only the part of teeth that we see. Vital structures beneath the gums keep teeth firmly planted in the jawbone. Through the roots, teeth are tethered to the bone, keeping them stable for functional chewing. Through the roots, as well, a transfer of force takes place when we bite down, stimulating the muscles and ligaments, as well as the bone tissue itself. This stimulation makes the jawbone continue regenerating itself.


New Patients: (317) 333-6788

Existing Patients: (317) 890-4455

Tooth loss not only affects what we see above the gums, but also what lies beneath. When the root is lost, the stimulation the jawbone needs to remain healthy is diminished and, over time, bone in that area breaks down.

There are many benefits to tooth replacement with dental implants. Primarily, the biocompatible implant post fusing to bone tissue is what makes this option attractive. Not only is the smile restored to full beauty and functionality, but vital structures are also replaced.

Dr. Church has completed in-depth training in the area of dental implants, and belongs to the American College of Oral Implantology. Washington Street Dental offers several forms of tooth replacement, as not every option is ideal for every person.

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