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Treatment for gum infection available to Indianapolis, IN area patients

Treatment for gum infection available to Indianapolis, IN

Patients who visit with their dentist regularly are educated on proper oral health habits. Taking care of the smile will keep the teeth, gums, and bone healthy for life. Brushing and flossing after every meal can greatly reduce the likelihood of developing cavities and gum infection. Treatment for these conditions is available for Indianapolis, IN area patients who are serious about addressing their concerns.

What is a gum infection?

A gum infection is commonly known as gum disease or periodontal disease. The infection begins due to bacteria being present on the gums. The earliest stage of gum disease, called gingivitis, is often reported as causing:

  • Bad breath
  • Bleeding gums
  • Red, swollen gums
  • Pockets between gums and teeth


New Patients: (317) 333-6788

Existing Patients: (317) 890-4455


Once patients receive a proper diagnosis from the dentist, they can then work on bringing the smile back to health. Certain treatments and habits are encouraged to address the infection. This may include the administration of antibiotics, or a procedure called scaling and root planing which removes plaque, tartar, and bacteria from all surfaces of the teeth and gums. Patients are also encouraged to work out a treatment plan with their dentist for long-term results. Patients with periodontal disease are advised to visit the dentist every three months instead of every six to monitor their oral health as they recover from this infection.

How to avoid

The best way to avoid periodontal disease in the first place is by practicing good oral health habits at home and visiting the dentist regularly for examinations and cleanings.

Do you require treatment for a gum infection?

Dr. Matthew Church offers Indianapolis, IN area patients a solution to their oral health concerns. If periodontal disease has developed and an infection is present, treatment is necessary to bring the smile back to health. At Washington Street Dentistry, we provide a proper diagnosis, treatment, and preventive care solutions. Contact the office at (317) 333-6788 and schedule a visit with our professionals today!

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