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For several decades, dentures have been a standard form of tooth replacement. These appliances are designed to replicate your natural oral structure, and are removable for daily cleaning. Depending on your unique needs, a denture may be partial, to replace some but not all teeth, or full, for total restoration.

Full dentures

Full dentures may come in one of two forms, conventional full or immediate full dentures. For many years, conventional dentures were the standard. This form of tooth replacement would involve the removal of any remaining teeth, and the subsequent healing period for gum tissue, taking a few months. During this healing period, the patient is without teeth.

Today, we have the ability to restore smiles instantly with immediate full dentures. To facilitate this treatment process, measurements are obtained before any teeth are removed, and a new denture appliance is made in a dental laboratory. Once teeth have been removed, the denture appliance can be placed immediately, avoiding any time spent without teeth. Because gum and bone tissue will recede somewhat over the course of a few months, a return visit will be necessary to adjust the denture so that a proper fit is attained.

Partial dentures

When only some teeth are missing, and remaining teeth are functional, a partial denture can be made. Partial dentures are very much like a dental bridge appliance, but are removable rather than fixed.

We make your teeth our business

Teeth may be lost for several reasons, including advanced gum disease, nutritional deficiencies, poor health, genetics, disease, trauma, and inadequate oral hygiene. Losing permanent teeth significantly impacts oral health and your overall quality of life. We strive to preserve natural teeth through more conservative means. We work with our patients towards the prevention of oral diseases and the restoration of natural teeth. When tooth replacement becomes necessary, we create great-fitting dentures to restore function and an attractive smile.

The team at Washington Street Dentistry is extensively trained to work with you in the creation of a natural looking, comfortably fitting denture appliance. We will see you through treatment and educate you on how to care for dentures so they last several years.

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