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Dentures from your Indianapolis dentist can restore function and much more

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There may come a time when the topic of tooth replacement needs to be discussed with your dentist. Facing tooth loss of any kind can be difficult. The more the smile is affected, the more distressing tooth loss can be. A good solution to missing teeth is to visit your dentist for custom-fitted dentures.

In instances where some teeth are missing, shifting may occur in the surrounding teeth, further impacting aesthetics and function. The solution to this situation may be to anchor a partial denture on the healthy teeth adjacent to the gap. When all teeth are missing, replacement with a full denture may be aided with the insertion of a few dental implants, which lend a greater degree of stability to the restoration. Though the choices for tooth replacement vary based on need and other factors, the goal of all forms of tooth replacement is to restore function and beauty while addressing the needs of the jaw. If these needs are not addressed, the overall structure of the face tends to sag due to lack of support.

Research has shown the importance of oral health, with many scientists concluding that health begins in the mouth. If missing teeth are not properly replaced, chewing function may be affected, actually becoming painful if food comes into contact with the gums rather than teeth. Discomfort may lead to dietary limitations, which can further affect health and wellbeing.


New Patients: (317) 333-6788

Existing Patients: (317) 890-4455

Your dentist at Washington Street Dental is experienced in the area of tooth replacement. It is our goal to help each patient find the most appropriate solution for missing teeth. When only a few teeth are missing, a partial denture may be recommended. This appliance can be affixed to remaining teeth, or stabilized by one or two dental implants, which are inserted into healthy jawbone in a painless procedure. We also understand the concerns that come with waiting for a full denture, and work with patients on the creation of an immediate denture so they are never without teeth.

Missing teeth have a negative impact on the way you feel about your smile, and on your overall health. Regardless of your age or reason for losing teeth, you deserve to have a smile you feel good about. Your dentist can help you find the best solution for missing teeth. Contact us for your visit at Washington Street Dental.

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