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Is it possible to avoid dental surgery in Indianapolis, IN with preventative care?

Is it possible to avoid dental surgery in Indianapolis, IN with preventative care? - check what Dr. Matthew Church said.

When we view one another’s smiles, there are unspoken judgments made within just a few seconds. We tend to view the smile as a sign of happiness and friendliness, sincerity and even wealth. At the core of a beautiful smile is the communication of health. Indeed, a healthy, attractive smile is beneficial for the whole body.

Our smiles are impacted by several factors. These factors affect not only the look of the smile, but its level of health, as well. When we are young, our baby teeth are lost to make room for permanent teeth, which should last us the remainder of our lives. Just how long permanent teeth remain intact and functional is in our own hands. The dental team at Washington Street Dentistry is backed by many years of practical experience, as well as specific training in the area of preventative dentistry. With our experience, we do all that we can to help our patients avoid the pitfalls of poor oral health. In so doing, we are able to reduce the possible need for dental surgery, such as dental implants, in our Indianapolis, INpractice.

One of the best ways to guard the health of the mouth and the body is to be mindful of gum health. During routine dental examinations, we provide a thorough assessment of gum health, watching for the earliest signs of gum disease. Because gum disease is difficult to detect in the early state of gingivitis, regular visits with your dentist are the best way to avoid the progression of this condition.


New Patients: (317) 333-6788

Existing Patients: (317) 890-4455

No less than half of American adults are affected by some stage of gum disease, a condition that progressively worsens if not treated. You and your family can take steps to keep your gums healthy by teaming with your skilled dentist. In our office, we empower our patients through a comprehensive screening process, professional cleanings, and guidance on home care. The steps to minimizing the effects of harmful bacteria are actually quite simple.

Most people brush their teeth twice a day as recommended. The time spent brushing, however, may vary from person to person. Brushing for at least two minutes is an important factor that lets you know you are addressing all areas of the mouth, even hard to reach places. Brushing is the easy part for most. Flossing is another story. Although this practice is simple, it is easy to skip it, thinking flossing doesn’t really produce results. The reality is, patients who floss daily have fewer dental problems.

We want to do more than treat dental problems. We want to help you avoid them. Contact Washington Street Dentistry for your appointment today.

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