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Indianapolis dentist helps patients understand the cost and other factors of dental root canal treatment

When your tooth is pounding, and it hurts to even think, the last thing you want to worry about is the cost of getting it fixed. Dr. Matthew Church at Washington Street Dentistry in Indianapolis, IN, knows that getting the necessary treatment for dental issues, such as root canal therapy for an infected tooth, is key to the health of your mouth and overall wellness. He helps his patient understand the need for a root canal, how the procedure is performed, and how to prevent future dental problems.

Dental root canal treatment from dentist in indianapolis

What is a root canal?

In the field of dentistry, root canals have gotten a bad reputation because they are associated with pain. However, it’s important to note that the pain is caused by the infection in the tooth, not the treatment. Root canals are needed when a tooth becomes badly decayed or infected and a simple filling or dental restoration won’t fix it. The pain is caused when the infection gets close to the nerve, which intensifies the discomfort. Often, dentists will take x-rays to determine how deep the decay is and ensure that a root canal will save the tooth.

How is a root canal performed?

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Root canals include several steps.

  • First, the dentist will drill into the tooth and remove all the pulp.
  • Then he will disinfect the inside of the tooth to ensure that the infection is completely cleared.
  • Next, he will fill and rebuild the tooth to ensure that it can function properly, often placing a dental crown on top.

The root canal procedure can usually be performed in a single office visit. Patients are given local anesthesia, so they don’t feel pain once the procedure begins. Additionally, for patients who fear going to the dentist, don’t like having someone in their personal space, or are uncomfortable during long procedures, Dr. Church offers sedation dentistry options to help calm their fears and make them more relaxed.


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Cost of a root canal

The cost for a root canal treatment can vary from person to person and is based on many factors. However, it’s important to note that not undergoing treatment when you have a dental problem doesn’t save money overall. Dental problems won’t simply go away, and addressing them sooner, rather than later, can minimize the invasiveness of the treatment and the cost.

Preventing future problems

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If you’re looking for a way to prevent extra dental care costs, be sure to give proper attention to preventive care. Brushing after every meal helps to keep food and sticky substances like sugar, from coating your teeth and creating an environment that’s perfect for bacterial growth. If you can’t brush each time you eat, you should be sure you do so at least every morning and night, before bed. Additionally, don’t forget to floss. Flossing is the only way to remove food particles and plaque from between teeth, and is crucial in keep your teeth healthy and free from decay.

In addition to proper brushing and flossing, it is also important to maintain a regular schedule of checkups with your dentist. By visiting the dentist at least two times each year, you can be sure that your teeth are professionally cleaned, and plaque is removed. Examinations give the dentist an opportunity to spot oral issues in their initial stages. The earlier dental problems are detected, the sooner treatment can begin. Often, this results in treatment that is less expensive and less invasive than if the issue continues to grow.

Protect your dental health with Washington Street Dentistry

Dr. Church and his team are committed to helping their patients achieve the best oral health. From preventative checkups to dental restorations and even cosmetic dental services that improve the appearance of the smile, patients can receive all the dental services they need from the team they’ve come to know and trust. We work with each individual patient, getting to know his or her unique characteristics and family history, which allows us to provide customized treatment. For more information about root canal treatments, or other dental services provided by our team, call Washington Street Dentistry today at (317) 333-6788.

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