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Dental implants from our Indianapolis, Indiana dentist a safe and effective way to restore the smile

Dental Implants Indianapolis Indiana: To learn more about dental implant treatment, contact Washington Street Dentistry.

The loss of permanent teeth can pose problems to both the cosmetic effect and health of the smile. It is for this reason that dentists have worked tirelessly to develop tooth replacement options that will meet all of the needs of the oral structure. It wasn’t until about three decades ago when dental implants changed the face of tooth replacement forever. Today, patients of Washington Street Dentistry can discover that dental implants in our Indianapolis, Indiana practice can restore optimal chewing, speaking, and biting efficiency in the most beautiful way.

One of the most effective forms of tooth replacement to date, dental implants are actually root replacements made of durable titanium material. This metal is strong enough to last a lifetime, and is gentle enough on oral tissues to cause no irritation within the jawbone. In an office procedure, an implant or implants is situated within the bone, where it will eventually become fused as a natural part of the oral structure. It is the fusion of bone tissue around the implant that leads to a level of stability not possible with any other form of tooth replacement.

Dr. Church, a member of the American Collage of Oral Implantology, ensures a safe and effective treatment for patients of Washington Street Dentistry. Before the day of the procedure, the placement of implants has been determined and options for sedation will have been discussed, taking any guesswork out of the picture for treatment day.


New Patients: (317) 333-6788

Existing Patients: (317) 890-4455

Dental implant treatment has evolved since its original development, making this treatment ideal for a great many people. Ideal for the replacement of a single tooth, dental implants can also restore a beautifully natural smile after the loss or removal of several teeth. Even patients who would otherwise wear dentures alone can benefit from the placement of a few dental implants. With as few as four or six implants, an entire denture can be stabilized. Handling missing teeth with dental implants is no problem for your experienced implant dentist.

Our motto is to save natural tooth structure when possible. If a patient has lost a tooth or teeth, or requires extraction due to injury or a dental problem, we will discuss the various options for replacement so that natural beauty, comfort, and chewing efficiency are restored. To learn more about dental implant treatment, contact Washington Street Dentistry.

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