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Indianapolis dentist offers amazing dental health care for kids!

Dental anxiety keeps many adults from getting adequate dental treatment, leading to gum disease, cavities, and tooth loss. Many of these anxieties stem from bad experiences that these adults had as children in the dental chair. Washington Street Dentistry, serving the Indianapolis, IN area, believes in caring dentistry for the entire family. We focus strongly on preventive care. Because of this, our children’s dental care strives to create an anxiety-free experience for every child. We believe this sets a solid foundation for lifelong outstanding oral health.

Indianapolis dentist, Dr. Matthew Church, provides dentistry for the entire family, including children’s dental care.

Dental care for children:

Many don’t quite understand what dental care for kids looks like. Often, there’s a belief that baby teeth don’t require a lot of close care. However, tooth decay in baby teeth can lead to future problems in permanent teeth. There are many facets to dental care for kids, not just treating possible cavities. Health education is a large part of pediatric care. We strive to educate the child, and the parent, on the best methods to maintain a high standard of oral health. We work to help children establish lifelong healthy habits to help them keep their teeth healthy and beautiful. This involves showing the proper ways to brush and floss teeth. We also provide basic preventive services. This includes teeth cleaning, dental sealants, fluoride treatments, x-rays and diagnosing future problems that might occur. We fill cavities, remove teeth, and help with teeth sensitivity. We also identify when orthodontic care is needed and help find the right orthodontist for you.


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The Tell-Show-Do Method and why it’s effective:

This method helps familiarize children with the dentist and works to lessen dental anxiety and prevent future dental phobias from developing. It is a process of familiarization using steps. It helps children get used to any of the aspects of the dental environment such as instruments and procedures. First, we explain what a process involves, tailoring the explanation to the child’s age. We come up with fun names for dental equipment to introduce it to children, using terms they are familiar with. We then demonstrate (show) how the instrument or procedure works, using models so that the child can see what will be happening inside of the mouth. Then, we perform the process, stopping when we feel a child needs further explanation or comfort. We encourage parents to adopt this method at home to help children learn how to brush and floss their teeth properly.

Ways you can help alleviate your child’s anxiety:

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  • Talk to your child: By doing this, it can help the child to feel better and help you to understand the reason behind their anxiety. Find a quiet time when there are no distractions so that you can pay full attention. Don’t minimize the fear, let them know you understand.
  • Schedule appointments together: It can help a young child to go with a sibling to the dentist. If your child doesn’t have a sibling, you can always ask for a tour of the office prior to their first appointment. This allows them to see the space and helps them have a sense of familiarity on the day of their appointment.
  • Talk to us! If you know your child is suffering from dental fears, let us know. We can adjust our methods to directly address your child’s fear.

Some tips to help minimize the chance of cavities for your child:

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  • Bring your child early and often: Start dental visits before your child turns one year of age. Make sure you keep to a twice annual preventive dentist appointment schedule for your child as they grow older.
  • Give your child healthy snack foods, try to stick to foods that are unsweetened or sugar free for snacking.
  • Reserve sugary and starchy foods for mealtime. Encourage your child to drink water during and at the end of the meal to help wash those bits of food off the teeth.

Have your child brush his or her teeth after snacking.

Come see how easy your child’s dental care can be! We love to get kids to the point where they sail through their visits. At the end of treatment, we give a treat and a hug! Call today for your consultation to find out how we can help your family. (317) 333-6788

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