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Root Canal

Eliminate oral pain and save your smile with Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment in Indianapolis Indiana Area

Dealing with a toothache that won’t go away? Don’t worry. We can save you from pain and still keep your tooth intact. At Washington Street Dentistry in Indianapolis, Indiana, we offer root canal therapy to save you from the wrath of excruciating tooth pain. Unfortunately, many patients are terrified about the talk of a root canal. But as you will find out, the fears surrounding root canals are based on misinformation. Modern advancements in diagnosis and treatment have made root canal therapy one of dentistry’s most straightforward and pain-free treatments. When is a root canal needed? Tooth pain is one of the tell-tale … Continue reading

Dentist in Indianapolis explains the importance of safe root canal services

Safe Root Canal Services in Indianapolis, IN area

Do you have the following symptoms? Persistent/throbbing toothache Sensitivity to hot or cold Pain when eating Fever Swelling of the face or cheek If so, you could be exhibiting signs of tooth infection. When left untreated, the condition can lead to loss of gum tissue, bone, and eventually the natural tooth. At Washington Street Dentistry in Indianapolis, IN, we provide safe root canal services for individuals who have severely decayed or infected teeth. Root canals are an effective procedure to eliminate the infection and repair the natural tooth structure, preventing the need for extraction. Root canal services from gentle dentist … Continue reading

Understanding endodontic therapy to save a tooth in Indianapolis, IN

Lady suffering from Root canal pain

Dr. Matthew Church, dentist at Washington Street Dentistry, is committed to helping patients maintain the health of their smiles when problems arise. His practice offers solutions designed to keep the smile looking great, especially when an issue needs to be addressed. He helps patients in understanding the importance of certain procedures in Indianapolis, IN, including endodontic therapy. Understanding endodontic therapy Endodontic therapy is the medical term for a procedure many patients have heard of: root canal. The root canal refers to the spaces in the teeth that reach down through the roots. The inner portion of the tooth is filled … Continue reading

Dentist in Indianapolis, IN describes the process of root canal treatment for dental concerns

The process of dental root canal treatment in Indianapolis IN

Indianapolis, IN area patients who are experiencing a severe toothache may be concerned about what type of dental care they require to be brought back to their original oral health. Many fear having a treatment called a “root canal” performed for their smile. Dental procedures such as this often bring about questions in regard to the process needed to achieve results. Instead of being worried about root canal therapy, it is important for patients to understand the process and know what it entails – and find out that it isn’t painful or troublesome at all! What is root canal therapy? … Continue reading

Root canal therapy explained by Indianapolis, IN area dentist

Root canal therapy explained by Indianapolis, IN area dentist

A t Washington Street Dentistry, our team works with patients to help them address concerns with their smiles and give them opportunities to improve their oral health and wellness. If patients are experiencing an infection, injury, or other problem that affects the dental pulp, they may require root canal therapy. This procedure is performed by Dr. Matthew Church and his team in Indianapolis, IN as an alternative to removing a tooth. Root canal therapy explained Dr. Matthew Church of Washington Street Dentistry describes root canal therapy as a procedure that is performed as an alternative to tooth extraction. When the … Continue reading

What to expect before, during, and after root canal treatment in Indianapolis, IN

root canal treatment in Indianapolis

Dr. Matthew Church and his team of professionals at Washington Street Dentistry are committed to offering patients a wide selection of services to achieve healthier, more beautiful smiles. Patients may be told they can benefit from a procedure such as root canal therapy when problems such as these arise: Abscesses Trauma Infection Disease Root canal treatment is commonly performed in our practice. However, many patients in the Indianapolis, IN area who are told they may need root canal therapy may ask what they can expect before, during, and after their procedure. Before First, patients need to consult with their dentist … Continue reading

Indianapolis dentist helps patients understand the cost and other factors of dental root canal treatment

Dental root canal treatment from dentist in indianapolis

When your tooth is pounding, and it hurts to even think, the last thing you want to worry about is the cost of getting it fixed. Dr. Matthew Church at Washington Street Dentistry in Indianapolis, IN, knows that getting the necessary treatment for dental issues, such as root canal therapy for an infected tooth, is key to the health of your mouth and overall wellness. He helps his patient understand the need for a root canal, how the procedure is performed, and how to prevent future dental problems. What is a root canal? In the field of dentistry, root canals … Continue reading

Washington Street Dentistry in Indianapolis offers root canal therapy

Root canal dentistry indianapolis

When dental problems arise, patients may have a variety of procedures they can consider to bring their smile back to health. One procedure commonly performed at Washington Street Dentistry in Indianapolis is root canal therapy. What is root canal therapy? Root canal therapy t is performed to eliminate infection and maintain the natural structure of the tooth. When might root canal therapy be needed? There are several situations that may indicate the need for root canal therapy. They include: Abscesses Large areas of tooth decay Injury to the tooth Infection of the dental pulp CALL OUR OFFICE FOR MORE INFORMATION … Continue reading

Avoid extraction with root canal treatment in Indianapolis, IN

Root canal extraction indianapolis in

When patients are faced with an infection in a natural tooth, they may be told by their Indianapolis, IN area dentist that they can choose one of two options: extraction or root canal therapy. Dr. Matthew Church of Washington Street Dentistry is a quality dentist who encourages patients to consider root canal therapy before extraction in most cases. What is a root canal? A root canal, or root canal therapy, is an endodontic treatment that is used to remove the infected dental pulp from inside of a tooth to relieve a patient of pain and address an infection. This treatment … Continue reading

Root canal addresses infection and disease for Indianapolis, IN area patients

Infected root canal indianapolis in

Indianapolis, IN area patients who are struggling with an infected tooth have two options to address the issue: Root canal therapy Extraction In most cases, patients are interested in addressing the infection with root canal therapy before considering permanent removal of the natural tooth. Root canal therapy explained Root canal therapy is a procedure that is often dreaded by our patients. However, the hype is not true. There are many misconceptions regarding root canal therapy. Patients believe it is painful, but with proper anesthetics and sedation, patients won’t feel a thing. Instead, they will experience relief from the toothache they … Continue reading


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