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Indianapolis patient asks, “Is there a sedation dentist near me?”

Dr. Matthew Church, Indianapolis patient asks, Is there a sedation dentist near me?

Whether you are in need of extensive dental treatment or simply experience anxiety and stress when visiting the dentist, there are many options today to help you to receive the necessary dental care without discomfort, worry, or pain. At Washington Street Dentistry in Indianapolis, Dr. Matthew Church and our gentle professionals provide several solutions to ensure that our patients enjoy ultimate comfort, convenience, and clinical outcomes. They include: A friendly and welcoming environment with attentive and personalized treatment State-of-the-art office with advanced technologies and equipment Extended day and evening appointment Pain control and sedation dentistry, including: Topical anesthesia – gentle numbing … Continue reading

Finally feel comfortable at the dentist’s office with oral conscious sedation dentistry for patients in Carmel, IN

Dr. Matthew Church Providing oral conscious sedation dentistry for patients in Carmel

Washington Street Dentistry’s goal is to make sure that all of our patients have a positive dental experience at our office. We understand that many people have had negative experiences at the dentist before or have unexplained fears of visiting a dentist’s office. This is why one of the ways we seek to improve the experience of all of our patients is by offering sedation dentistry for those in Carmel, IN and surrounding areas. One of the preferred methods of sedation for many is oral conscious sedation.Oral sedation is unique in that you can take oral sedation medication before you … Continue reading

Oral sedation in Indianapolis, IN can relieve your anxiety even before your dental appointment

Dr. Matthew Church, can relieve your anxiety even before your dental appointment

For years, dentists have offered simple sedation methods to help patients have improved dental experiences when they have fears about dental work or simply have a long procedure to sit through. Solutions such as nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and IV sedation can work well in the dentist’s office, especially for long procedures. However, when you have an intense fear of the dentist, these methods are not very helpful since you still have to overcome your fears to visit the dentist. If this has been the case for you, and you have found yourself neglecting your dental health because you can’t get … Continue reading

Sedation dentistry aids in oral care such as affordable dentures in Indianapolis

Dr. Matthew Church Providing Sedation Dentistry Oral Affordable Denture

There are several facets to excellent dental care, and we recognize them when treating each of our patients. In the past several years, a great deal of priority has been placed on patient comfort. Though dental treatments have long been performed after a patient has been numbed with local anesthetic, many people who visit the dentist still suffer the emotional anxiety of dental treatments. At Washington Street dentistry, our commitment to total patient comfort addresses dental anxiety with sedation dentistry services. Sedation can be incorporated into a variety of oral care treatments, ranging from fillings to affordable dentures. If you live in the Indianapolis area and want … Continue reading

Your sedation dentist in Indianapolis helps rid you of dental anxiety

Dr. Matthew Church, Doctor with a Lady Patient

Although we are all taught from an early age the necessity of oral hygiene, as well as the benefits of professional dental care, millions of people would prefer never to set foot inside of a dental office. For many, this fear of dental care leaves them in dire need of the care they so strenuously avoid. It isn’t always easy to explain dental anxiety. What one person fears may be totally different from what keeps another person from seeing the dentist. Furthermore, the reasons behind dental anxiety vary widely. Some people have bad memories of early dental care. Some are frightened … Continue reading

Your healthiest, most attractive smile can come through sedation dentistry in Indianapolis

Dr. Matthew Church Providing Sedation Dentistry In Indianapolis

Dental anxieties are as diverse as the people who have them. This fear can affect one person in an entirely different way than another. Although the actual aspects of dental care that cause fear may differ, there seems to be a common thread that follows most patients: a traumatic experience in the dental office. It doesn’t matter if poor dental care occurs during childhood or once you have grown up. A traumatic experience can leave you feeling as though you could simply avoid seeing the dentist ever again. These experiences also do not have to be significant. Maybe you worked … Continue reading

Indianapolis dentist explains tooth extraction, a common oral surgery procedure

Dental tooth extracting from Dentist in indianapolis

Learning you need to have a tooth extracted can be an uncomfortable moment. However, many adults will face this common oral surgery procedure, particularly when it comes to wisdom teeth. Dr. Matthew Church of Washington Street Dentistry in Indianapolis has helped many patients understand common reasons a tooth may need to be removed, the tooth extraction procedure, and how to care for the mouth post-treatment. Common reasons for extraction There are several reasons a tooth may need to be removed, including to allow space and prevent crowding – as is often the case for wisdom teeth – and decay or damage to the tooth. … Continue reading

Learn about wisdom teeth removal by a professional oral surgeon in Indianapolis, IN

Learn about wisdom teeth removal by a professional oral surgeon, Dr. Matthew Church.

At Washington Street Dentistry, we care about the smiles of patients in and around Indianapolis, IN. Dr. Matthew Church and his team of professionals provide a wide range of dental solutions, including oral surgery. Having a professional oral surgeon available to help with extractions and wisdom teeth removal is extremely beneficial for patients who want all their treatments completed under one roof. What are the wisdom teeth? Though they are often called wisdom teeth, these third molars are known for becoming extremely problematic for many patients.These are the last teeth to erupt through the gum line at the very back … Continue reading

Indianapolis, IN area dentist offers affordable dental care, including the extraction of wisdom teeth

Dr. Matthew Church offers affordable dental care, including the extraction of wisdom teeth.

The wisdom teeth, or “third molars,” are notorious for being problematic. Dr. Matthew Church and the team at Washington Street Dentistry fully understand the issues surrounding wisdom teeth. When patients are seeking affordable dental care and possible extraction of their wisdom teeth, they are advised to visit our practice in Indianapolis, Indiana! Dr. Matthew Church is dedicated to helping patients with their oral health care needs. When wisdom teeth are impacted, diseased, or otherwise causing an issue in the smile, it may be time to have them removed. These teeth, which are the last to develop, are not necessary for optimum … Continue reading

Oral surgery procedures such as tooth extraction are available in Indianapolis, IN

Oral surgery procedures such as tooth extraction are available at Washington Street Dentistry.

At Washington Street Dentistry, we know the idea of tooth extraction is scary. Unfortunately, there are times when patients may need to have a tooth removed from their smile through an oral surgery procedure. This is nothing to be worried about. Extractions are common, and when done by a trained professional, completely safe and effective. Why have a tooth extracted? There are several reasons a patient might speak to Dr. Matthew Church about possibly removing a natural tooth. Some situations include: Problematic wisdom teeth – wisdom teeth, or third molars, are known for being difficult because they are the last to … Continue reading


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