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Gum Disease

Dental patient in Indianapolis asks, “What causes gum disease?”

Dr. Matthew Church expain the causes gum disease, Washington Street Dentistry

Gum disease affects millions of people every day. The main cause of gingivitis or periodontitis, the two forms of gum disease, is the development of excess plaque on the teeth and near the gum line, which contains harmful bacteria. Often this is the result of inadequate oral hygiene, and avoiding seeing the dentist. However, other factors that may influence a patient’s susceptibility to gum disease include: Twisted, overcrowded, or crooked teeth impair the ability to remove debris and plaque between teeth Poor diet, including too much sugar or starch, Vitamin C deficiency, and insufficient water consumption Smoking or use of … Continue reading

Preventing gum disease in Indianapolis, IN with proper dental care

Brush twice daily , Washington Street Dentistry

Gum disease is not just a serious oral health condition, but is often interrelated to overall physical health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and rheumatoid arthritis. Gum disease is a progressive infection, with the milder version known as gingivitis. Early signs of the potential development of gum disease are subtle and not always noticeable. Typically, gingivitis presents as problems with the gums, such as increased sensitivity, redness, inflammation, and bleeding during or after flossing or brushing. If gingivitis is left untreated or undetected, advanced symptoms of periodontitis may include: Gums pull away and recede from teeth, making the … Continue reading

Respected dentist in Indianapolis stresses the importance of seeking treatment for tooth decay and gum disease

sharp pain when eating, Washington Street Dentistry

Our oral health can affect our overall health and wellbeing. Therefore, it is critical to maintain excellent oral hygiene habits at home and visit the dentist regularly. Patients can count on gentle care in the hands of Dr. Matthew Church and our team at Washington Street Dentistry in Indianapolis. Advocates of patient education, we take time to explain tooth decay and gum disease and their potential effects on the body. We will discuss warning signs of the condition and disease so patients know when to seek treatment. Learning about tooth decay Tooth decay can affect the whole body. Drinking sugary … Continue reading

Recognizing the signs of gum disease with the help of your dentist in Indianapolis, IN

Recognizing the signs of gum disease, Washington Street Dentistry

The seriousness of gum disease is something that more and more people are beginning to understand. This progressive condition can cause bad breath, affect the beauty of the smile, and even threaten your general health. The dental team at Washington Street Dentistry work vigilantly to prevent the onset of gum disease by providing preventative care. A large part of prevention also lies in the daily habits kept by each individual. When daily, effective oral hygiene is lacking, the risk of gum disease increases significantly. Working as a team with your dentist, you gain a great deal of power over the … Continue reading

Patients seek a caring dentist in Indianapolis, IN for tips on gum disease prevention

sign of the infection is gums, Washington Street Dentistry

A dentist specializes in the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of conditions and diseases of the mouth, teeth, and gums. The right dentist can become your partner in a journey toward optimal oral and overall health. Patients in Indianapolis, IN know where they can find a caring dentist who provides the utmost comfort during any treatment – Washington Street Dentistry. Dr. Matthew Church is highly sought after for his commitment to patient education. He is happy to explain how gum disease develops and provide tips to aid in the prevention of the disease. HOW GUM DISEASE DEVELOPS The first stage of … Continue reading

Your dental team guards your smile with periodontal treatment in Indianapolis, IN

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Gum disease is an interesting dental problem in that more than fifty percent of adults in America have some form if this condition, but that it remains one of the most preventable dental conditions. We understand that gum disease is a serious condition that can rob you of your beautiful smile and even your health. Although gum disease is viewed as a preventable problem, we do not judge our patients. When you visit Washington Street Dentistry, your dental team will go to work providing appropriate periodontal treatment if gum disease has been detected. Our Indianapolis, IN patients can rest assured they will not be made to … Continue reading

Treating periodontal disease with the help of your dentist in Indianapolis, IN promotes a healthy body

Dr. Dr. Church describe about the gum disease and systemic health, Washington Street Dentistry

Throughout history, research into the various aspects of health and wellbeing has brought about significant changes. The insights that are gained allow us to discover innovative new ways to promote health through the prevention and treatment of disease. One significant discovery has been the role of gum disease in concerning health conditions.Current data shows us the areas of concern in terms of gum disease and systemic health and the link between the mouth and the body. It is now known that one of the main triggers of cardiovascular disease is chronic inflammation. One of the factors leading to constant inflammation … Continue reading

Dentists in Indianapolis IN offer tips on the prevention of gum disease

Teeth can be brushed as often, Washington Street Dentistry

Gum disease is a problem that people would love to avoid. The problem is that we are often so busy with life that our dental health doesn’t get much consideration. Beyond brushing and flossing for the sake of completing the task, many people have no further habits to prevent problems like gum disease.Gum disease is an infection of the supportive tissues in the mouth. If not treated, the infection progresses, eventually affecting the ligaments and bone structure beneath the gums – the structures that keep teeth stable and healthy. Research shows that three in four adults are affected by gum … Continue reading


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