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Best practices in living with dentures after Indianapolis treatment

Best Dentures in Indianapolis

We want our patients to gain the maximum benefit from tooth replacement. When consulting about treatment, we discuss the various options available. Additionally, we follow up with each patient to ensure that their smile is comfortable and functional. When dentures are the selected treatment for missing teeth, we suggest a few “best practices” that may help the person new to dentures.

In our Indianapolis dental office, we are very careful in the planning and performance of tooth replacement. Dentures made of high quality materials are designed to replicate the natural appearance of the smile and to feel comfortable when in use.

New dentures

When first fitted with a final denture prosthetic, many patients express feeling “fullness” in the face. Often, teeth in the denture appear longer than what may have been expected. The tongue may feel crowded and lips may seem uncomfortable in an awkward position around new teeth. Salivation may also increase noticeably during the first several days of new denture wear.

The muscles around the cheeks, lips, and mouth are very adept and adjusting to a new denture. However, patience is part of the assimilation to new dentures. There are no specific instructions for getting used to a new denture other than wearing the prosthetic as much as possible after initial fitting. The more dentures are worn, the faster muscles can become familiar with their new functionality.


New Patients: (317) 333-6788

Existing Patients: (317) 890-4455

Talking with the new denture

When a denture is still new, speaking may be somewhat challenging. The most common concern patients experience is the tendency to lisp. Rest assured, this is not the new norm. As the tongue and other muscles become accustomed to the shape of dentures, they will naturally learn how to operate for functional speech. To speed the process, patients may read aloud for a short time each day.


A full return to previous eating habits may occur within the few weeks after a new denture is installed. For the first few days, it is beneficial to eat softer foods that are easier to manage without much chewing. As familiarization with the new denture continues, foods may be cut into small bites, increasing gradually as chewing becomes more comfortable. An important practice is to chew on both sides of the mouth, distributing chewing force evenly across each.

There are several aspects of denture wear that will feel new and slightly uncomfortable. Our team is always available to answer questions and provide assessment of issues such as sore spots or poor fit. Contact Washington Street Dentistry with your oral health or denture questions.

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