Why Indianapolis area patients may need wisdom teeth removal

Dr. Matthew Church of Washington Street Dentistry is committed to assisting families in the Indianapolis area with a wide range of treatment options. This includes wisdom teeth removal. The third molars, commonly referred to as the wisdom teeth, are the final teeth to erupt in the mouth and are known for being problematic for many patients.


Impaction is a common issue. The wisdom teeth may develop sideways and push against the other teeth in the back of the mouth that have already erupted. Other times, there may not be enough room for them to come through the gums and therefore, patients may experience discomfort with the lack of space. Removal of these teeth is often recommended as the teeth are not required for proper function or health of the smile.

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Risk of Disease

In other cases, the teeth may come through the gum line. However, they can be difficult for patients to properly brush and floss, increasing the risk of developing disease or cavities. By removing these teeth, patients often enjoy better oral health.

Preparation for Dental Work

Patients undergoing orthodontic work may need to have teeth removed to make space, especially if overcrowding is a concern. Removing the wisdom teeth is a great way to add room. Additionally, patients who have already had orthodontic work before their wisdom teeth have erupted may experience problems with alignment if they crowd in. Removing them before they come through the gums is one way to reduce the likelihood of developing issues later.

If you live in the area of Indianapolis, Indiana and want to speak to a professional about the possibility of removing wisdom teeth, contact Dr. Matthew Church and his team with a phone call to (317) 333-6788 for an appointment.

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