Patients in Indianapolis ask, “What are the most common reasons for choosing crowns and bridges?”

What are the most common reasons for choosing crowns and bridges

Crowns and bridges are dental restorations that bring back health and beauty to a smile. We offer these treatments at Washington Street Dentistry in Indianapolis. Patients often ask, “What are the most common reasons for choosing crowns and bridges?” We will highlight the top reasons patients choose these dental procedures.

Common reasons for considering crowns

Chipped and broken teeth or those with large areas of decay are reasons to consider dental crowns. These restorations are “caps” placed on damaged teeth. We use a porcelain material, so crowns are unnoticeable when smiling. It is important to address tooth damage and decay to help avoid future oral health conditions. A crown can preserve a chipped or broken tooth. The cap protects the tooth from stains, damage, and fractures. However, when an affected tooth is untreated, procedures such as tooth extractions or root canals may need consideration. We use crowns to cover severely strained teeth and support ones predominately composed of dental fillings. Coupled with a dental bridge treatment, crowns can restore natural beauty to a smile after tooth loss.

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Primary reason for considering bridges

Tooth loss resulting from other oral health conditions or trauma is one reason to consider dental bridges. Dental bridges fill gaps left by tooth loss. They contain artificial teeth as well as dental crowns on adjacent teeth. We use porcelain crowns, so the restoration blends in nicely with natural teeth. It is important to consider treatment for tooth loss. When left untreated, you could experience any of the following symptoms: speech difficulty, improper bite, improper chewing, jaw pain, and tooth decay. Bridges help rejuvenate a smile and prevent issues such as these.

Crowns and bridges provide longevity

Dental crowns and bridges can restore health to natural teeth, while delivering a radiant and gorgeous smile. With either treatment, it is critical to maintain good oral habits, keep regularly scheduled dental appointments, and avoid sugary foods. By following a healthy regimen, crowns and bridges can last over a decade. Would you like learn more about these restorations? We will be happy to talk with you. Schedule a consultation appointment by calling (317) 333-6788.


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