Urgent care dentists at Washington Street Dental in Indianapolis gently restore your smile

Urgent Care Dentists Indianapolis - Dr. Church and the experienced dental team at Washington Street Dentistry can see you through your dental emergency with gentle, effective care.

Here at Washington Street Dentistry, we provide excellent care for both urgent and non-urgent dental issues. Whether a patient has experienced a direct tooth injury, or is visiting Indianapolis and experiences pain or inflammation, we handle their needs with gentleness and compassion. If a dental problem concerns you, it concerns us.

An injured tooth is not the only situation that qualifies as a dental emergency, though this is what most people think of when they imagine the need to see the dentist right away. Urgent care may also be needed when gums have been injured, or when severe, persistent pain occurs. Dentists understand that an unexpected dental situation can make it difficult to eat, speak, or even concentrate on normal activities. This is why our Indianapolis practice makes every effort to fit patients in as needed for prompt care.

Washington Street Dentistry is equipped to take care of urgent dental needs with prompt action and excellent care. If you require dental treatment for pain or injury to a tooth or gums, contact our office for your urgent appointment time. We will help you handle your dental problem gently and effectively so that you can resume living comfortably.

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Tooth damage

If a tooth has been damaged in any way, prompt dental care is needed. Damage may be obvious, such as a loose or lost restoration or a fracture. Damage may be invisible but impossible to ignore, as well, such as a persistent, intense toothache. Tooth pain is actually one of the most common dental situations treated by dentists around the world. At home, pain may be addressed with cold compresses against the cheek, or lukewarm water rinses. These temporary solutions may improve comfort until you can be seen by your dentist.

Soft tissue injuries

If soft tissue in the mouth has been injured, medical attention may be required. Your dentist, however, can help you determine the best treatment for soft tissue injury, and may be able to provide relief. At home, discomfort may be alleviated with gentle rinsing with lukewarm salt water. If tissue is bleeding, a gauze pad or moist tea bag may be applied with gentle pressure. These temporary solutions do not replace professional dental or medical care, and they should be used only to improve comfort until care can be received.

Dental emergencies are unpleasant surprises that can get in the way of life. Dr. Church and the experienced dental team at Washington Street Dentistry can see you through your dental emergency with gentle, effective care. Contact our Indianapolis dental office to schedule your routine dental exam and decrease your risk of unpleasant dental surprises.

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