There is reason to consider a gold tooth crown for restorative care in Indianapolis

reason to consider a gold tooth crown for restorative care

At Washington Street Dentistry, it is our desire to help our patients keep their healthy, beautiful smiles for life, avoiding common dental problems through regular, preventive care. There are times, however, when we are visited by people whose teeth have been damaged by bacteria. Extensive damage that cannot be adequately repaired with a more conservative treatment may require a tooth crown. In our Indianapolis office, we use fillings, inlays, and onlays when possible. We rely on dental crowns when a great deal of structural support needs to be restored.

Treatment with a dental crown makes the most sense in some situations. Crowns are used on significantly damaged teeth, on teeth treated with root canal therapy, and with bridges and implants for the replacement of missing teeth.

Crowns in early dentistry were often made of gold. Designs evolved through the years, however, and today most dental offices offer crowns made of metal alloy, a mixture of durable metals. There are dentists, such as Dr. Church, who still find great value in gold dental crowns, which is why we offer this choice to our patients.

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Three basic factors need to be considered for treatment with a dental crown: form, function, and aesthetics. For obvious reasons, patients are concerned with how a crown will affect their smile. However, equally important is longevity and durability, two goals that gold is capable of achieving. Many people treated with gold crowns keep them for their lifetime, and experience no side effects from this metal.

Gold is a more biocompatible material than metal alloy, and more attractive. Back teeth that are repaired with gold crowns, inlays, or onlays are often not even noticed by others, as they do not create dark spots in the smile. The components of high concentration gold crowns are very gentle to surrounding tissues, with very few people experiencing irritation of any sort. At the same time, gold remains strong under the forces of chewing, retaining optimal shape, as well as fit, which is vitally important to gum health.

Tooth restoration of any kind is an investment into your smile. The more you know about the various materials offered for dental crowns, the better you can choose restorations best suited to your long term needs.

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