Is a crown in Indianapolis a temporary restoration?

crown in Indianapolis a temporary restoration?

When you have a damaged tooth, a dental crown may be your only hope of keeping your natural tooth. Just because it is often the best option, though, that doesn’t mean you don’t still have some questions. So if your dentist says you need a crown, what exactly does that mean?

First, it usually means that your tooth is so badly compromised that without the help of a dental crown, the dentist may have to remove your tooth in the near future. While this may not sound like a big deal to you, losing a natural tooth can have a serious impact on your smile and even your face. Keeping all of your teeth in place will help keep your other teeth healthier longer and prevent your bones and facial structure from deteriorating.

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Another question you may have is whether a crown will become a permanent part of your smile or if it is only a temporary fixture. To answer this, you must understand the way a crown works. In order to place a dental crown, the tooth will need to be reduced to prepare it for the new crown to be placed over it. This means that a dental crown will be a permanent restoration since your natural tooth can no longer be left exposed. However, the permanent crown will not necessarily be placed immediately. Often, a high-quality dental crown will take time to make once your tooth has been prepared and a mold has been taken to help the technicians create the restoration. This means that while you wait for the final restoration, a temporary crown may need to be placed over your tooth to protect it for this short time. Your dentist in Indianapolis will be able to tell you exactly how long this process will take.

You may be wondering if you will need to take special care of your teeth once you have a crown in your smile. In most ways, you will not. You will find that you can eat and clean your teeth as usual, and a well-made crown will not make your smile look any different. However, you may need to be slightly more careful about the things you eat and about habits like grinding your teeth.

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