Avoid referrals to an orthodontist in Indianapolis with Invisalign treatment at the dental office

Straight Teeth with Invisalign Indianapolis

Dr. Matthew Church and the team at Washington Street Dentistry understand how important a beautiful smile can be. It affects the first impression made upon others. When patients have straight teeth, it makes them feel more confident about how they look. However, when malocclusion is an issue, it causes some patients to feel self-conscious about their smiles and they cover it up when they speak to others, laugh, or grin. Instead of visiting a specialist such as an orthodontist to learn about braces, patients are encouraged to speak to the team at Washington Street Dentistry. Our dental staff is trained in providing orthodontic alternatives such as Invisalign.

Using Invisalign to straighten the teeth is a popular choice for both teenagers and adults. Invisalign uses clear aligner trays to gently reposition the teeth over the course of time. It eliminates the need for metal brackets and wires covering the teeth and gives patients a chance to straighten their smile in a discreet manner. Dr. Matthew Church finds that most patients with mild to moderate malocclusion will enjoy the benefits Invisalign treatment can provide.

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Invisalign starts with an evaluation to determine candidacy. Patients who comply with treatment see the results they desire. Impressions are made of the teeth and digitized before being sent to the Invisalign laboratories. The lab creates a series of trays for patients to wear two weeks at a time. The teeth are slowly repositioned into their desired places. Once treatment is complete, patients can wear their final tray as a retainer to maintain the results.

If you reside in Indianapolis, IN or one of the surrounding communities and have considered the advantages of using Invisalign treatment to enhance the smile, contact the team at Washington Street Dentistry today. Our front office staff can be reached at (317) 333-6788 to schedule an appointment.

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