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The team at Washington Street Dentistry teams with families to keep growing smiles happy and healthy.

Oral health is something that we know is important. Just as we don’t take medical issues lightly in our children, we should give the same importance to dental issues. There is a myth surrounding children’s’ primary teeth, that they are not necessarily important due to the fact that they will naturally fall out at some point to make room for permanent teeth. With this mindset, it is easy to allow children to indulge in sweet treats or other harmful habits without ensuring that proper oral hygiene is performed daily. The truth is, dental care is vital at all ages, and your child benefits from regular visits with your pediatric dentist in Indianapolis.

The importance of primary teeth

A child will have his or her primary, or baby, teeth for only about ten years. This seems like a relatively short amount of time, when you consider the fact that permanent teeth last a lifetime. However, several problems can occur within the ten-year period during which a child has primary teeth. Cavities are uncomfortable and require professional care to repair. Untreated cavities can lead to infection in the inner part of the tooth. This is not only painful for your child but also creates problems for teeth that are developing beneath the gums. If a primary tooth becomes damaged to a point of requiring extraction, or, there is a possibility that the jaw will not develop properly.

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Protecting your child’s smile

The team at Washington Street Dentistry teams with families to keep growing smiles happy and healthy. We monitor the oral health of our young patients, and provide a level of care that prevents cavities. Our cavity free program has been designed specifically to meet the evolving needs of children as their teeth and jaws develop. While we assess the immediate needs of our patients, we also discuss ways in which the oral health of children can be protected with healthy oral hygiene habits, dietary choices, and professional care.

Dr. Church and our dental team make visits fun for children, knowing that early childhood dental care has a large impact on future attitude towards dentistry and oral health. Give your child the best opportunity for a healthy, happy smile. Contact Washington Street Dentistry for your visit today.

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