Benefits of early pediatric dental care with your Indianapolis dentist

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We worry about teaching our children to eat well, be nice to others, wash their hands, and avoid unhealthy habits. As parents, we understand that the earlier we can instill healthy behaviors and ideas into our children’s minds, the better they will fare throughout life. Your dentist has another suggestion for the list of lessons children need to learn, and it relates not only to their teeth, but to their whole body.

Children benefit greatly from receiving early pediatric dental care in our Indianapolis office. We treasure our young patients, and take their care very seriously because we know we are setting the tone for their lifelong view of dental care and hygiene. At Washington Street Dentistry, we take advantage of the opportunity to teach both parents and young children the importance of hygiene and professional care by making visits fun and stress-free.

We like to see our patients, of all ages, at least every six months. The timing of visits is ideal for the prevention of cavities, which are the most common dental problem among children. During each visit, children have the opportunity to learn how to brush their teeth and floss, and how to eat healthy so cavities can be avoided. We also provide preventive treatments with cleanings, such as fluoride and dental sealants, which protect teeth against harmful bacteria.

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Parents also discover new skills when they bring their children to Washington Street Dentistry, gaining a better understanding of how they can help their children enjoy healthy, beautiful smiles. Issues such as the technique and timing of brushing can be discussed. Parents can learn when a child should start flossing, and how to teach this skill. We can talk about nutritional choices that aid in strong teeth, and monitor growth to determine if braces may be needed.

Early dental care is crucial for children, not only because it can help them avoid the pain of cavities, but because studies show that children who visit their dentist regularly grow up with better hygiene habits, and retain them in adulthood. By creating pleasant experiences, we encourage children to feel good about seeing the dentist.

Washington Street Dentistry offers gentle, effective services for the whole family. Contact us today for your appointment.

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