Partial dentures may be the best choice for some Indianapolis patients

Partial Dentures Indianapolis

Teeth are important to the smile and much more. Our teeth are vital to digestion, beginning the entire process by breaking food down into small particles. In addition to filling the smile, teeth also shape the face, keeping lips and cheeks contoured. Our speaking ability, as well, is altered if we do not have all the teeth we should have.

If you have experienced the loss of a few teeth or several teeth, you may find that partial dentures are the best choice for restoration. In our Indianapolis dental office, you can learn more about your options for care in a consultation with our friendly team.

The partial denture is a prosthetic that is designed in much the same way as a full denture. Made of high quality materials, the partial denture will have “teeth” and “gums.” Some partials also have a metal frame work through which the appliance is stabilized onto surrounding teeth. The standard partial denture, like a traditional full denture, is removable.

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Fixed partials

Developments in dental technology have made it possible to gain the utmost stabilization for replacement teeth. The partial denture may be used in conjunction with a few dental implants through which the prosthetic becomes a more permanent fixture in the smile. Implants act like roots, holding replacement teeth firmly in place.

Are partial dentures right for you?

Tooth replacement is not one-size-fits-all process. Dr. Church and his team have years of experience and an understanding that every patient has unique needs and expectations. When addressing tooth loss, we provide our patients with the detailed information they need to determine which option is most likely to give them the long term results they want.

The partial dentures process

Tooth replacement is often completed over several visits. After consultation and examination, planning begins with precision imaging and impressions. From the model of the mouth, ceramists in our dental lab craft a natural looking denture. If support will come from dental implants, we perform this procedure at the onset of the tooth replacement process. Dental implants take several months to heal beneath the gums. During this time, a temporary prosthetic may be worn. Once implants are fully stabilized in the jawbone, the final denture can be made.

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