Indianapolis patients have nothing to fear from root canal therapy

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It is not uncommon to hear someone say “I’d rather have a root canal than . . .” with regard to a situation they dread. That reputation is unfair and unfortunate. The procedure gets the patient out of pain from an abscessed tooth, relieves sensitivity, and allows the natural tooth to be saved rather than extracted. Using modern methods and gentle techniques, Dr. Matthew Church is changing the way patients in the Indianapolis area feel about root canal therapy.

Fears and their causes

The mention of a root canal can trigger general fears of dentistry – clinical smells, unfamiliar sounds, strange sensations, and a feeling of vulnerability laying back in the chair. The pleasant atmosphere and smiling faces at Washington Street Dentistry go a long way toward dispelling those anxieties.

Most people associate the treatment with pain, but it is the actual dental problem that is agonizing. Root canal therapy is needed when damage to the tooth or an area of decay allows bacteria to infiltrate the pulp chamber. That leads to infection around the nerve, inflammation, and throbbing.

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The truth about root canal therapy

The proper term for “a root canal” is root canal therapy or endodontic therapy. The word therapy literally means “treatment intended to relieve or heal a disorder.” That’s exactly what Dr. Church accomplishes with:

  • Pre-procedure pain medications – Either over the counter or by prescription, as needed. The doctor will also advise you on how to stay comfortable after treatment.
  • Antibiotics – To reduce infection before the procedure and aid in fast healing afterward.
  • Sedation – Washington Street Dentistry offers the options of nitrous oxide and oral sedation.
  • Numbing – The treatment area is thoroughly numbed to get you out of pain quickly. Most patients feel better immediately, and relax for the remainder of the procedure.
  • Pressure is relieved – As infection progresses, painful pressure builds inside your tooth. In the initial stages of the procedure, Dr. Church opens the tooth, which releases the pressure.
  • Current technologies – Dr. Church has the equipment and training to make your root canal experience as comfortable as possible. An intraoral camera, about the size of a ballpoint pen, gives a clear view of hard-to-see areas inside the mouth. Digital x-rays allow the doctor to plan treatment precisely, and a rotary endodontic tool cleans the root canals thoroughly, efficiently, and quietly.

You have nothing to fear from dental treatment in Indianapolis. Call (317) 333-6788 to become a Washington Street Dentistry patient … before you need a root canal!

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