Discreet orthodontic braces are available in Indianapolis

Discreet orthodontic braces from dentist in Indianapolis

Invisalign is a type of discreet orthodontic braces that differs from traditional bracket and metal wire braces. Treatment is accomplished with a system of clear aligner trays that reposition teeth gradually. Patients in Indianapolis can achieve better alignment of their teeth without having to wear traditional braces.


Invisalign treatment begins with a consultation. In most cases, patients with mild to moderate misalignment will benefit from using the Invisalign system. Patients with more severe alignment or bite issues may need traditional braces. We have found that a large portion of our patients are able to utilize the Invisalign system for straighter smiles.


After the consultation comes design of the patient’s aligner trays. Impressions are taken of the current dental arch and then digitized. The Invisalign laboratory uses these digital images to map out movement of the teeth, and to design aligner trays that fit snugly over the dental arch. The number of trays required will vary by patient, depending on the severity of misalignment.

New Patients : (317) 333-6788 Existing Patients : (317) 890-4455


Within a few weeks, the trays arrive back at the dentist’s office. An appointment is scheduled to instruct the patient on beginning treatment. During this visit, we teach the patient how to use the trays properly, how to clean them, and how long they should be worn. Ideally, patients should plan on wearing the trays approximately 20 to 22 hours each day. They are taken out only to eat and clean the teeth. Trays are swapped out every two weeks, and follow-up appointments are scheduled throughout the process to monitor progress and make sure teeth are moving correctly. 

If you are in the Indianapolis area, contact the dental team at Washington Street Dentistry at (317) 333-6788 to learn more about Invisalign. During a consultation, we will answer any questions you have about getting the smile of your dreams.

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