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Everyone is deserving of a healthy, attractive smile. This is not a feature only important to those in the public eye. Teeth that are well positioned, not too far apart nor too close together facilitates a beautiful smile, as well as functional chewing and clear speech. Straight teeth give you the ability to smile as often as you would like, as you are not held back by embarrassment. Misalignment may make you hide your smile, and can create an unhealthy oral environment. One way many people are correcting misalignment is with Invisalign.

The idea that teeth could be straightened by wearing aligner trays is nothing new. The first devices were tried back in the 1940s. The practice didn’t catch on at this time, though improvements continued to be made behind the scenes. In the 1970s, aligner orthodontics was seen as similar to conventional braces in terms of duration of treatment, and not quite as effective. Today, the use of computer technology and innovative materials have improved aligner orthodontics to a point where this is an excellent option for many situations.

A number of problems can be corrected by your Invisalign dentist in Indianapolis, such as:

  • Over bite
  • Gaps
  • Overcrowding
  • Cross bite, where some upper teeth may fit inside of lower teeth when biting down
  • Orthodontic relapse years after initial treatment

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Invisalign has been used for more than a decade, improving the smiles of adults and teens in the most discreet way. Over time, improvements have been made to this system, allowing more problems with misalignment to be successfully corrected. Although Invisalign may not be right in every situation, such as severe bite issues, many mild to moderate alignment problems will respond well to the aligner method.

If you are settling for a smile that isn’t satisfying, or that you are embarrassed to show, Invisalign may be your path to greater confidence. At Washington Street Dental, we offer an array of services designed to improve the health and beauty of the smile. Let our team go to work for you. Contact us today.

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