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It doesn’t matter if you live in Hollywood, New York City, or Indianapolis, your smile matters. It is no secret that we live in times when we are largely judged based on appearance. Although we might like to say that it makes no difference how we look, we know deep down that it really does. You never know if that person you meet in the elevator may be a potential boss, friend, or romantic interest. It is important that you feel confident in your appearance. Specifically, we should all feel confident in our smiles.

Invisalign is making smile improvement an easier process for adults and teens all around the world. Before this innovative orthodontic system was developed, the only choice one had was conventional bracket and wire braces. Even with the development of clear braces, many people remained hesitant about undergoing orthodontic treatment due to the look and feel of such appliances.

With Invisalign, our patients are able to discover their best smiles without brackets and wires on their teeth. By wearing the clear plastic removable aligners approximately 22 hours each day, you, too, can find your way to a more attractive, healthier smile. It all begins with a simple consultation.

At Washington Street Dentistry, our practitioners are extensively skilled in the Invisalign treatment program. During your consultation, your dentist in Indianapolis, IN will perform an oral examination and will view any imaging we have taken, such as x-rays or digital imaging. Invisalign treatment can then be devised in the Invisalign lab, where models of your mouth are used to design each aligner tray precisely.

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The program consists of several aligners, each worn for two weeks at a time. With each progressive aligner, teeth are gently nudged into their proper positions. Some aligners may address a specific area, while others may place pressure on a single tooth that needs to be moved to make room for further advancement.

Wearing Invisalign trays is much more comfortable than sharp-edged brackets and wires. Each new aligner, however, is designed to move teeth. This means that, with each progression, aligners will feel awkward and tight. For the first few days, insertion and removal may be challenging. At the end of your Invisalign treatment, you will have a beautiful straight smile that you can feel confident showing off.

Skip the braces. Contact Washington Street Dentistry to learn how Invisalign can work for you.

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