Your Indianapolis dentist can help you handle a toothache

Indianapolis dentist can help you handle a toothache

Contrary to what many people believe, most dental emergencies do not involve a tooth getting knocked out or physically damaged. Most urgent dental appointments stem from a toothache. When pain presents in a tooth, there could be a number of underlying issues. The important point is that your Indianapolis dentist can relieve your pain, and get you back to a state of optimal oral health.

Unrelenting tooth pain is a condition that should be evaluated right away. Attempting to handle a toothache at home, using over the counter pain relievers, heat, or other therapies, provides only temporary relief from pain. In the end, an untreated toothache will only worsen as the underlying issue progresses.

There are two common dental problems we see relating to tooth pain.

Cavities and tooth pain

Most people know when a tooth becomes damaged by bacteria, a cavity forms. In the absence of regular dental care, the first sign of a cavity is usually a toothache. The type of pain that comes from a cavity can range from a dull ache to an intense, shooting pain. This pain may be noticed only upon the consumption of sugary substances, or worsen with various temperatures. A toothache that stems from a cavity may be lingering and dull, but enough to be distracting.

The pain that comes from a cavity is unnecessary, and will only worsen if the cavity is not treated. Seeking prompt attention for a toothache not only relieves pain right away, but also decreases the risk of substantial tooth damage that could require complex treatment for repair. The team at Washington Street Dentistry is dedicated to providing gentle, effective care. Visit us for your toothache and keep your smile healthy.

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Infection and tooth pain

Just as the harmful bacteria in our mouths can cause cavities, these microorganisms are responsible for gum disease. This condition is essentially an infection of the soft tissues that support teeth, an infection that also threatens tooth and bone structure.

When infection affects a tooth, the pain may throb intensely, or may feel like a persistent ache. Often, impending pain due to infection can be predicted, based on sensations within a tooth or teeth. The original pain felt may come from a damaged tooth, exhibiting nerve damage. After the sharper pain has dissipated, it may be replaced with the dull ache of infection. The change in the type of pain is not a sign that the dental problem has subsided. In reality, this is a sign that the nerve is dying or has died. The infection that originally led to damage is still ongoing, and needs to be treated in order to save natural tooth structure, as well as surrounding teeth.

We are committed to helping our patients enjoy oral health, avoiding common dental problems through preventative care. Contact us for your visit at Washington Street Dental today.

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