When a dental extraction might be necessary: Indianapolis, IN dentist explains

There was a time when the go-to treatment for a tooth problem was extraction. Before antibiotics were discovered, early medical practitioners understood that chronic tooth infection could lead to other health problems, as well as causing acute pain. The diseased tooth was simply pulled. Endodontic treatment (root canal therapy) as a means to save an infected tooth did not become common until the late 1940s. Prior to the 1970s, it was rare to see an adult wearing braces – crooked teeth were often pulled so that the patient could have a denture-straight smile. Fortunately, times have changed and so has dentistry. Today, extraction can usually be avoided. However, when dental extraction is necessary for a patient in the Indianapolis, IN area, they trust Dr. Matthew Church at Washington Street Dentistry.


Dr. Church practices conservative dentistry, focused on preventing dental problems that might require extraction, and striving to help patients maintain their natural teeth as long as possible. In the following situations, though, extraction may be the best choice. The final decision is, of course, up to the patient:

  • Supernumerary (extra) teeth or impacted wisdom teeth. They can block others from coming in straight and healthy.
  • Crowding. An orthodontist may recommend extraction in preparation for braces.
  • Prosthetic extraction; removing a tooth that has a negative impact on how a partial denture fits.
  • Untreated tooth decay that has compromised a significant portion of tooth structure. Extraction can prevent infection from spreading to the bone.
  • Advanced gum disease. Once periodontitis has attacked connective tissue and bone, it may not be possible to save teeth.
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  • A tooth with a crack or split that extends below the gum line.
  • Failed endodontic treatment – when infection recurs after a root canal procedure.
  • Teeth in the fracture line of a broken jaw.
  • To allow effective radiation therapy to the head or neck, or following radiation treatments.
  • For aesthetic improvement – opting to replace a tooth when the appearance of it cannot be satisfactorily enhanced with cosmetic treatments.


Dr. Church understands that having a tooth extracted can be an emotional experience for the patient. Receiving treatment from capable, qualified hands, in a familiar setting with a dental team you know and trust makes a big difference. He performs extractions himself, so that patients don’t have to be referred out to a stranger. Dr. Church offers the option of nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation to make the extraction as comfortable as possible. 

Patients throughout the communities of East Indianapolis, Greenfield, New Palestine, and Cumberland come to Dr. Church for caring dentistry for the entire family. Call Washington Street Dentistry at 317-333-6788 to schedule an appointment.

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