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Indianapolis, IN dentist offers treatment for wisdom teeth removal via surgical or simple extraction

Dr. Mathew Church of Washington Street Dentistry offers two methods of extraction

Indianapolis, IN area patients seeking a dentist who provides simple and surgical extractions of wisdom teeth are encouraged to book an appointment with the team at Washington Street Dentistry. Dr. Matthew Church provides removal of teeth in many situations, and he can offer the services patients require to maintain their healthy smile. Wisdom teeth, or the “third molars,” tend to become problematic for many patients when they erupt. Otherwise, they become stuck or “impacted” and can become painful. Dr. Matthew Church takes the time to talk to patients about wisdom teeth and the ways in which they can be managed. … Continue reading

Dentist in Indianapolis, IN explains surgical extraction for a wisdom tooth

Dr. Matthew Church is the primary dentist at Washington Street Dentistry in Indianapolis, IN

Dr. Matthew Church is the primary dentist at Washington Street Dentistry in Indianapolis, IN and is readily available to assist patients in and around the community with a variety of procedures, including surgical wisdom tooth extraction. The wisdom teeth are the last teeth to develop within the smile and erupt through the gum line. These teeth, known as the third molars, also have a history of being extremely problematic. Because of this, many dentists advise patients to have them extracted when they become an issue. Why are wisdom teeth an issue? Because wisdom teeth are the last to erupt through … Continue reading

What is the purpose of performing wisdom tooth extraction for patients in Indianapolis, IN?

The purpose of wisdom tooth extraction in Indianapolis, IN

Patients in the area of Indianapolis, IN who have been told they have a problematic wisdom tooth may be advised to undergo surgical or simple extraction. The purpose of extraction is to remove the tooth to eliminate the issue at hand. Due to the nature of wisdom teeth, extraction is often the best solution. CALL OUR OFFICE FOR MORE INFORMATION New Patients : (317) 333-6788 Existing Patients : (317) 890-4455 What is a wisdom tooth? A wisdom tooth, or “third molar,” is a late-erupting tooth. There are commonly four, one in each back corner of the jaw. These often develop … Continue reading

Indianapolis dentist explains tooth extraction, a common oral surgery procedure

Dental tooth extracting from Dentist in indianapolis

Learning you need to have a tooth extracted can be an uncomfortable moment. However, many adults will face this common oral surgery procedure, particularly when it comes to wisdom teeth. Dr. Matthew Church of Washington Street Dentistry in Indianapolis has helped many patients understand common reasons a tooth may need to be removed, the tooth extraction procedure, and how to care for the mouth post-treatment. Common reasons for extraction There are several reasons a tooth may need to be removed, including to allow space and prevent crowding – as is often the case for wisdom teeth – and decay or damage to the tooth. … Continue reading

Learn about wisdom teeth removal by a professional oral surgeon in Indianapolis, IN

Learn about wisdom teeth removal by a professional oral surgeon, Dr. Matthew Church.

At Washington Street Dentistry, we care about the smiles of patients in and around Indianapolis, IN. Dr. Matthew Church and his team of professionals provide a wide range of dental solutions, including oral surgery. Having a professional oral surgeon available to help with extractions and wisdom teeth removal is extremely beneficial for patients who want all their treatments completed under one roof. What are the wisdom teeth? Though they are often called wisdom teeth, these third molars are known for becoming extremely problematic for many patients.These are the last teeth to erupt through the gum line at the very back … Continue reading

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