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Emergency dentist in indianapolis

A dental emergency can occur when we least expect them. Patients in Indianapolis, IN who are seeking a dentist with experience in emergency care are welcome to contact Dr. Matthew Church and the staff of Washington Street Dentistry.

What is a dental emergency?

Issues such as sensitivity, or a small chip, that can wait until a regular appointment can be scheduled are not dental emergencies. Examples of emergency dental situations include:

  • Teeth that are knocked
  • Broken or loosened teeth
  • Cuts or significant injury to the soft tissues of the mouth
  • Extremely severe toothaches
  • Pain that keeps patients awake at night
  • Continued bleeding after oral surgery or procedures
  • Loose or lost bridges, crowns, inlays, onlays, or fillings
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Dental emergencies can be, at times, addressed the same day they occur. This depends on the openings available at the practice as well as the time of day. Most incidents that occur earlier in the day during regular business hours may be seen the same day. However, when patients contact our practice after hours, they can speak with our on-call staff, who can walk patients through steps to address their condition until they can be seen the following business day at our office. Our staff can prescribe pain medications to get patients comfortable until they can be seen. In some situations, such as severe bleeding, our team may suggest patients go to the nearest hospital emergency room for assistance.

Call Washington Street Dentistry during your dental emergency!

Dr. Matthew Church and the team of Washington Street Dentistry provide patients in Indianapolis, IN with quality care and attention for their smiles. If you are interested in working with a new dentist or are seeking an emergency dentist who can provide immediate care, we encourage you to call (317) 333-6788 or visit 10935 East Washington Street.

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