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Like any type of unexpected event, a sudden dental problem can be stressful. Dental problems such as a tooth becoming dislodged or being knocked out can be chaotic, leaving you wondering what to do. In the event of an urgent dental problem, it helps to know that emergency dental services are available from your Indianapolis dentist. Washington Street Dentistry is committed to providing excellent care. Additionally, we provide helpful information that will allow patients to handle situations should they arise.

Unexpected tooth loss is usually the result of a physical injury. Dentists commonly treat patients who have lost a tooth due to:

  • Biting on a hard object
  • Automobile or bicycle accident
  • Falling down
  • Sport injury
  • Physical altercation
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Tooth loss is definitely a dental emergency, probably the one most people immediately think of. The only time tooth loss is acceptable is in childhood, when a permanent tooth will eventually fill the empty space. In instances where a permanent tooth has been knocked out, we make every effort to save the natural structure if this can be done. To improve the chances of preservation, patients should follow a few tips:

  • A lost tooth should be handled only by its crown. Roots are very fragile and can be irreparably damaged if touched or brushed.
  • The lost tooth should be kept clean. To reduce chances of damage, this can be achieved by placing the tooth in lukewarm water or whole milk, and keeping it there until the patient reaches our office. The tooth should not be brushed or handled roughly. If no liquid is available and the patient is able, the tooth can be held between the cheek and gums until our office is reached.
  • If possible, the tooth can be inserted back into the socket, held in place carefully by biting down on a damp tea bag or moist gauze.

Only a small window of time exists during which a lost permanent tooth may be saved, so our office should be contacted immediately. We understand the importance of prompt treatment for dental emergencies of all kinds. If you require emergency dental care in Indianapolis, contact us at (317) 333-6788.

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