Indianapolis, IN area dentist describes the benefits of partial and full dentures for smile restoration

At Washington Street Dentistry in Indianapolis,Dr. Matthew Church, used to replace missing teeth. In many cases, patients may benefit from partial or full dentures.

At Washington Street Dentistry in Indianapolis, IN, patients can ask Dr. Matthew Church, our dentist, about the benefits of restorations used to replace missing teeth. In many cases, patients may benefit from partial or full dentures. Understanding dentures Dentures have come a long way over the years. When patients think of dentures, they often picture their grandparent’s false teeth. However, dentures come in a variety of types, and are far more desirable than they used to be. Dentures include a few different types: Partial dentures Full dentures Implant-supported dentures Partial dentures The type of denture used to replace one or … Continue reading

Indianapolis residents can get a new smile with natural looking dentures!

Natural Looking Dentures Indianapolis

Do you worry that you might need dentures? Many struggle with the realization that it might be time for dentures. However, you are not alone! A 2009 survey found that approximately 20 million women over the age of 40 have full or partial dentures. Research has also predicted a jump in people needing dentures. In 1991, 33.6 million American adults had dentures. In 2020, it’s projected that a total of 37.9 million people will require dentures. Washington Street Dentistry, located in Indianapolis, IN, wants our patients to have beautiful, confidence-inspiring smiles! That’s why we offer natural looking dentures. What dentures … Continue reading

Replacing teeth with custom dentures from your Indianapolis, IN dentist restores confidence

Teeth Dentures Indianapolis IN

When permanent teeth are lost, every area of life is affected in some way. Today, we have more solutions for missing teeth than ever before, paving the way for healthier, longer-lasting restoration of the smile. Even with innovative new choices in the way of dental implants, which can replace one or more teeth, many people still think of dentures first when seeking tooth replacement. In our office in Indianapolis, IN, our dentists work with patients to determine the most suitable treatment for missing teeth. The process begins with a discussion of the patient’s needs and expectations, in terms of both aesthetics … Continue reading

Dentures from your Indianapolis dentist can restore function and much more

Dentures in Indianapolis

There may come a time when the topic of tooth replacement needs to be discussed with your dentist. Facing tooth loss of any kind can be difficult. The more the smile is affected, the more distressing tooth loss can be. A good solution to missing teeth is to visit your dentist for custom-fitted dentures. In instances where some teeth are missing, shifting may occur in the surrounding teeth, further impacting aesthetics and function. The solution to this situation may be to anchor a partial denture on the healthy teeth adjacent to the gap. When all teeth are missing, replacement with … Continue reading

Affordable tooth replacement with dentures in Indianapolis keeps you smiling

Affordable Quality Dentures Indianapolis

When one or more teeth have been lost or removed, a person’s sense of self-esteem is often hurt right along with their smile aesthetic. In addition to cosmetic issues, however, missing teeth can also have a negative impact on oral health and on general wellbeing. The cause of tooth loss doesn’t really matter. It could be that a tooth has lost the support of healthy gum tissue, or that inefficient oral hygiene has led to tooth damage. After tooth loss or removal, the number one priority becomes finding the most appropriate replacement. Tooth replacement covers a number of concerns. While … Continue reading

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