What dentistry services do Indianapolis families need?

dentistry services do Indianapolis families need

The greater Indianapolis area is growing fast, ranking in the top quarter of “most populated United States cities.” Our population includes nearly 100,000 family households. That amounts to many Hoosiers of all ages who deserve the benefits of good oral health. The Washington Street Dentistry team is committed to delivering the services they need.

Prophylactic care – The best dental problems are the ones that never occur. With regular hygiene visits to keep teeth clean and careful examinations, we are able to help you avoid most oral issues, or catch them in their earliest stages (minimizing damage, discomfort, and expense). A relaxed atmosphere, hands on instruction, and gentle techniques keep even our smallest pediatric dentistry patients enthused about oral health. We customize hygiene programs for kids with fluoride treatments and sealants, and provide nutritional counseling and gum disease management tips for adults.

Restorative care – Despite your best efforts and ours, cavities, breakage, and congenital dental problems can occur. We’re ready with strong fillings, beautiful crowns, bridges, and full and partial dentures. We can help restore your body, too, with a good night’s rest! We provide effective oral appliance therapy for sleep apnea. We offer gentle sedation dentistry to calm nervous patients, as well.

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Cosmetic treatments – Healthy smiles are naturally gorgeous, but sometimes nature needs a little help. Count on our doctors for an artistic eye and technical skills in perfecting smiles with teeth whitening, inlays and onlays that blend unnoticeably, and porcelain veneers. Invisalign lets you look great while straightening, and we offer crown lengthening to balance a “gummy” smile. Each cosmetic case is evaluated and customized to meet the patient’s needs, budget, and schedule.

Oral surgery – When you require advanced treatment like extraction of wisdom teeth or placement of a dental implant, you probably don’t want to be referred to a stranger. At Washington Street Dentistry, you get oral surgical care from the same staff you know and trust. It just makes sense – they are the people who know your dental, medical, and family history.

Emergency care – Kids take falls from the monkey bars, pucks, and line drives. Teens and adults wake with pain and facial swelling from abscessed teeth. Accidents happen. We’re there for you with advice and urgent care for tooth pain, trauma, and other dental emergencies.

The doctors and staff at Washington Street Dentistry make this a patient centric practice. We focus on the highest level of professional care with compassion and the convenience of a full range of services under one roof. Call (317) 333-6788 today to get your family started on a lifetime of healthy smiles.

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