When might Indianapolis area dental patients require root canal treatment?

Root canal therapy indianapolis

Dental treatments have a tendency to bring anxiety to many patients. Nothing causes more fear in a patient than the idea of having a root canal. Thankfully, the anxiety is simply caused by misperceptions about this treatment, it is not scary or painful. In fact, patients who are in pain will find relief with this procedure. Root canal treatment is just one of many services available at Washington Street Dental that can be performed to bring smiles back to health.

What is root canal treatment?

A “root canal” is a procedure done to remove the dental pulp from the center of a tooth. The dental pulp is a mass of tissues that house nerves, blood supply. And other tissues. When infection, cavities, or injury damage this tissue, it can result in severe pain. Performing root canal therapy is the only way to eliminate this pain and maintain the structure of the tooth. Without root canal therapy, patients would be forced to extract the tooth.

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What are the complications of extraction?

Extraction of a tooth eliminates a natural structure from the smile. Following extraction, patients need to consider restorative methods to maintain the function and beauty of the smile. This may include the placement of dental bridges, dental implants, or even cosmetic partial or full dentures.

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